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By Sheena Lambert

There are so many great shows to see at the Dublin Fringe Festival which runs from 9th – 24th September 2017. One particularly fun and energetic play is Philip Doherty’s Close To The Sun brought to the stage by The Corps Ensemble, an exciting Dublin-based theatre group who have been responsible for some great new work over the past couple of years.

A tragic comedy, with some excellent accents (the fantastic – and Irish – Mary Murray doing an Australian imitating an Irish person is pure brilliance), this modern play is an interesting mix of music and drama and construction worker dancing. You heard me. I’ve never been to a stag night, and after watching Close to the Sun, I’m kinda glad.

Produced on the wonderful main Smock Alley stage, the action makes good use of the space available, and as always the performances are top-notch, with a special nod to Seán Doyle, who seemed to embrace his character Largo’s vagaries of personality particularly convincingly.

A fun 90 minutes of new theatre – go see. And check out for other great theatre around town over the next few weeks.

(c) Sheena Lambert

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