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The Day That Never Comes by Caimh McDonnell

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By swirlandthread

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‘Remember those people that destroyed the economy and then cruised off on their yachts?

Well guess what – someone is killing them.’

EEEEK!!!!! How excited am I!!!!!

Comedian and all-round funny man Caimh McDonnell publishes his second book today in ‘The Dublin Trilogy’, The Day That Never Comes.

Bunny McGarry, the best kick-ass cop IN THE WORLD is back!!

He’s from Cork!!!

He carries a hurley as his weapon of choice!!!

He has a very grumpy, angry, don’t-mess-with-me thing going on!!!

What’s not to love?

I read and thoroughly enjoyed A Man With One of Those Faces, Caimh’s first novel in The Dublin Trilogy. There is something about the pure Irish unadulterated wit that I found so very amusing. Caimh has the ability to transcend all boundaries with his use of the English language. As an Irish person I can hear every word spoken, every nuance, every intonation in the expressions used throughout both novels.

After their haphazard, though successful, foray into solving a major crime in Book One of The Trilogy, Paul Mulchrone, Brigit Conroy and Bunny McGarry are back. Times have moved on, with Bunny now retired from An Garda Siochána. The trio decide to team up and embark on a new venture, a Detective Agency.

But…and there is always a but with these three….the road has many many bumps. Brigit is now not talking to Paul and Bunny has disappeared….

Caimh takes the reader on a rip roaring tour around Dublin, with every character imaginable making an appearance. One of my personal favourites is Paul’s buddy Phil Nellis ~ ‘That was the unnerving thing about Phil; he could go from incomprehensible stupidity to moments of sheer genius, often in the same breath.’ Phil is the friend we all need in our lives, completely dependable yet as daft as a brush.

Add in a German Shepherd called Maggie and follow the adventures of the most unlikely crime busters imaginable.

Dublin is in the aftermath of the demise of the Celtic Tiger. Property developers are running for cover but it is the antics of Hartigan, Blake and Maloney that have raised the shackles of many a law abiding citizen.

When an onslaught of vicious and violent attacks takes place within the city, the public are up in arms. Detective Superintendent Susan Burns, in an attempt to control the situation, finds herself knee deep in politics and trouble. For some reason Bunny McGarry’s name keeps coming up, but where is Bunny???

Paul Mulchrone sets off on his first case, unwittingly, becoming embroiled in something much bigger, where Paul finds himself, yet again, fighting for his life and that of his friends.

The Day That Never Comes is a fast paced caper around the streets of the capital, with a liquorice all-sorts cast of individuals who will entertain you, as you turn each page to see where Paul and his friends will lead you too next.

I quite honestly can’t imagine why Colin Farrell has not been knocking on Caimh McDonnell’s door looking for the role of Paul Mulchrone in the sure-to-be up-coming movie, with Tommy Tiernan in toe as Bunny (Okay I know he’s a NAAAAAAVAN man but seriously he would be perfect!! )

As for Brigit…..Jennifer Zamperelli of RTE2FM’s Breakfast Republic of course!!

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