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The Final Twist by Jeffery Deaver

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘Colter Shaw is searching for the answer to his father’s final, posthumous riddle. It will lead him to evidence that will topple the secretive espionage company, BlackBridge’

The Final Twist by Jeffery Deaver is the third book in The Colter Shaw Series and just published with Harper Collins. Described as the gripping new thriller from this No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author, Kirkus Review said that it had ‘enough surprises, complications, and deceptions for three novels and half a dozen short stories’. I read the first book in this series, The Never Game, but unfortunately I never got the opportunity to catch up with Colter Shaw in the second book The Goodbye Man. This did result in a wee gap in the storyline for me and I did get a little confused at times but I managed to figure it out and got stuck in. The Colter Shaw Series is a fast-paced, no-time-to-breathe kind of reading experience, so full attention is required. I would recommend that you start with The Never Game in order to have full appreciation for the Shaw family and what it means to be a Survivalist.

Colter Shaw, with his brother Russell and sister Doire grew up on an isolated compound with their father, Ashton Shaw and their mother, Mary Dove. With no outlet to the world beyond their home, their father taught them how to survive in threatening circumstances. With no internet or television they learnt from their parents and devoured the literature available to them. They all had very different personalities, with their nicknames appropriately suited to their type. Colter was The Restless one, Russell The Reclusive one and Doire was The Clever one.

Each branched out on their own following different paths but their father was always wary that someone or something would eventually get him, and it did. Ashton Shaw’s death was noted as an accident but Colter was always suspicious. Now, with new information at his disposal, Colter finds himself on a heightened, roller-coaster journey that will eventually bring him face-to-face with those responsible for his father’s death. This is a journey that he must see through to the finish but there is one final unexpected twist!

Colter Shaw is an enigmatic protagonist. Difficult to pinpoint, he is a warrior, a hero, a fearless individual who uses his instinctive ability to get justice and truth for all. As he tracks down the clues left by his father, he finds himself in a safe house in San Francisco, unearthing a mystery that has a big corporation on his tail. They are all looking for the same thing but Colter has no idea what it is. Greed and the quest for powers take centre stage in The Final Twist. As the layers are peeled back, Colter slowly realises the truth of what his father was trying to protect. If this information fell into the wrong hands, the fate of society could be in serious danger.

The Final Twist is packed full with multiple complex twists and turns. Every minute brings danger, suspense, intrigue, mystery, murder and mayhem. Think Mission Impossible, with all the high-adrenaline action that accompanies those movies. This is cinematic reading in every manner. Colter Shaw is very analytical in his thinking, always judging the danger in a situation in percentages based on his early years of training under his father’s guidance and the experience he has gained in recent times. Colter Shaw is a Survivalist. He spent his formative years preparing for emergencies and natural disasters, learning from a very young age how to look for signs and honing a very heightened level of alertness making him a very formidable enemy.

I was exhausted after reading The Final Twist! Jeffery Deaver must have a mind that never stops racing exploring new ways to keep the suspense at such heights. An exciting and complex thriller, The Final Twist is pure entertainment providing much needed escapism from the real chaos in all our lives today.

(c) Swirl and Thread

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