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The Flower Arrangement by Ella Griffin

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By Margaret Madden, BleachHouseLibrary.Blogspot.ie

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In Blossom & Grow, a Dublin based flower shop, Lara combines her talent for arrangements and her ability to match a flower to a customer, resulting in an intuitive bouquet of emotion. With the help of her brother, Phil and some part time help, running the shop is her calling. Her marriage is stale and she finds comfort in the surroundings of beautiful blooms. Seasons change and so does the stock. Each customer is ordering arrangements for a reason, and Lara has a knack of matching the flowers to the client. The floral designs for weddings, christenings and new babies are full of joy and promise, while the sadness of a funeral wreath can be shrouded in despair. When grief hits Lara, unexpectedly, even the world of peonies and orchards can’t lift her spirit.

Meanwhile, each customer has their own story to tell. As the bell tinkles each time a person enters the shop, the process of selecting the right ingredients for the perfect bouquet is often done unawares. Blossom & Grow is not your average flower shop. It is a gateway to a secret garden of solace and light…

Ella Griffin has created an oasis of floral beauty within the pages of this novel. Each chapter is titled with a different flower, along with its meaning, and there are delicately detailed descriptions of numerous blooms throughout the book. Each character has a link to either Lara or the shop and not all of them are buying flowers for a loved one. Each stem seems to represent a feeling; an apology, a declaration of love, a moment of spontaneity, a marker of a special day. Lara makes each individual arrangement with care, using her intuition to change orders slightly, add a personal touch or rearrange a customers original idea. Her candid approach to selection the right design or scent makes her the successful florist she has become. But her own life is taking a back seat. Ella uses a host of characters to support her protagonist. Family, friends and customers all play a part in the book and are a mixed bunch. Clever writing means that the reader can almost smell the fallen petals or picture the finished product after assembly. This is a book to inspire. Inspire you to think positive thoughts, never judge people by appearances and learn to forgive. The simplicity of nature and its flora are delicately lifting off the pages and, after reading this delightful novel, I defy you to walk past a bunch of flowers without touching one. A stunning set of peony roses now adorn my windowsill, and I feel a whole lot of happiness as I look at them…

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