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The Game (Outcasts, book 1) by David Grimstone

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By Megan Punzet

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This is a highly enjoyable children’s book, full of action, magic and friendship. An easy read, with relatable characters, an interesting but not complicated storyline, all in all its a fun book for young kids who want to read an exciting story without spending days and days to getting through it.

A small group of friends who call themselves The Outcasts; Jake ( a.k.a Dealmo) and his friends Kellogg, Lemon and Fatyak spend their time outside of school hanging out and planning role playing games. But after trying out the new fantasy RPG ‘Destiny’, and gaining amazing superpowers, the group realise that what they’re playing with is in fact the long lost Pandora’s box. With their new powers these friends think everything will turn out fine, but they’re not the only ones who want to use the powers from the box, and someone will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it.

I can’t say that there’s anything wrong about The Game. It’s a quick read, it has some fun, diverse characters that have nice personalities, the plot is simple but gripping and it’s just plainly a good story.

I quite enjoyed this book, even if it’s not for my age group. I’d say this is for mainly 8-11 year olds, but I think anyone can enjoy this story. I read it within the hour and all I can really say is that it’s a short, entertaining book for kids and I know that I’ll look forward to reading the next one.

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