‘The Ice Beneath Her’ by Camilla Grebe

Although this is Camilla Grebe’s debut as a solo writer, she has written four crime novels with her sister Åsa Träff, as well as co-authoring a popular Moscow Noir trilogy. It is clear from this crime novel that she knows her stuff. I am grateful to Emily Burns at Bonnier Zaffre for sending me a copy of this novel to review.  I do enjoy crime fiction, but don’t read a lot of it.  Having read ‘The Ice Beneath Her,’ I fully understand those who return to this genre time and again. The book is written in the first-person narrative.  Each chapter alternates between one of the three main characters.  Emma, who works at a clothes store and is currently dating her enigmatic boss Jesper Orre.  Peter, a disillusioned detective with a painful past, and Hanne, a psychological profiler, who had a brief relationship with Peter many years ago, and has … Continue reading ‘The Ice Beneath Her’ by Camilla Grebe