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The Perfect Lie by Jo Spain

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By Swirl and Thread

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The Perfect Lie by Jo Spain is published with Quercus and is a book Steve Cavanagh describes as ‘a real page-turner with a brilliant mystery at its heart. Superbly written, cinematic and pacy!’. I am delighted to bring you all my review of The Perfect Lie, a book that I highly recommend and hope you take the opportunity to read.

Erin Kennedy left Ireland five years ago after a personal tragedy ripped her life apart. A new start was what Erin craved, away from home and away from the memories that plagued her there. New York seemed the perfect choice and, after settling in to a job in publishing, Erin meets Detective Danny Ryan. After a whirlwind romance they get married and move to Newport. Erin cannot believe her luck. Danny is everything and more to Erin and they have a good life. They had little time to really get to know each other before they tied the knot, but they have a lifetime to share their inner secrets and dreams. However the reality proves very different indeed.

One morning early, there is a knock on the door. Danny is making coffee and Erin opens the door to be met by Ben Mitchell, Danny’s partner, accompanied by fellow officers. Erin looks to Danny, confused, as he takes a step toward the window of their fourth floor apartment and, with a silent look toward Erin, he jumps. Erin is unable to comprehend what has happened. Why would her husband, so young and with so many prospects ahead of him, do this? Distraught, her sister arrives over from Ireland to look after her for a while and we get a glimpse into the family tragedy that Erin left behind, the one that had marked her life forever. Danny’s family come to Newport offering solace and support but the one question remains unanswered. Why did Danny jump?

Erin, frustrated, turns to his colleagues for help but she is left more upset. Not one of them will offer assistance and his funeral takes place without the pomp and ceremony that would normally go alongside a police officer’s funeral. Erin wants answers. Through a contact, she is put in touch with a lawyer, a woman who believes in Erin and what she has to say and, like a dog with a bone, the pair begin to search for the truth.

Over the next year and a half, Erin’s days become filled with the fight for answers and unravelling the mystery surrounding Danny’s suicide. What Erin never expected was that one day she would be in court fighting for her innocence when she is charged with murdering her husband.

With a number of stories, between past and present, running in parallel, Jo Spain has created a very tangled web. The Perfect Lie is an explosive read that grips the reader from the opening chapter and never lets go. There are so many twists and turns in this tale, all adding to the intensity and addictive nature of the whole reading experience. The Perfect Lie contains a very clever premise, a unique one, which is no mean feat at the moment, considering the number of thrillers available at the moment.

How much do you really know the person you decide to spend your life with? Do you EVER really know them? These are questions that Erin Kennedy has to ask herself over and over again. Her world was shaken to the core and, as the truth very slowly trickles out, she is shocked and afraid. Erin is a stranger in a strange land. Her home is in Ireland. Her family are in Ireland. Here in Newport she has to dig deep and fight for her own freedom, for her very survival. The truth must prevail. The lies must be unravelled. But is Erin able to find the strength and tenacity to see it through. Can you ever unknot the perfect lie?

The Perfect Lie is a challenging book to review as it contains so much that cannot be mentioned for fear of tipping into spoiler territory. But what I can say is – Read It! Find out for yourself what an addictive page-turner it is. The Perfect Lie is a really terrific thriller with some spectacular moments that do leave you rather in awe of Jo Spain’s ingenuity and creativity. You know that book that keeps you up way past your bedtime? This is it!

(c) Swirl and Thread

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