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By Dymphna Nugent

In 2016, clinical hypnotherapist Fiona Brennan launched the online programme The Positive Habit. This hypnotherapy programme formed the basis for the 2019 book release of The Positive Habit.

Fiona Brennan reflects on the average person and the difficulties facing this average person every day. These difficulties are not always external or societal, quite often these difficulties are of our own creation and therefore overcoming these difficulties is a mammoth task which is only achievable through a combination of our own thoughts and actions. I don’t like self-help literature, let me be upfront regarding this immediately. I don’t like being dictated to and I don’t like condescending writing which fails to see my life and the pitfalls which can catch me. Page 23 of this book, still only in the introduction stated: ‘When you place your sense of self-worth on what you achieve, or what you do, you live in a constant state of striving and once one of these goals is realised you tend to quickly look to the next one and are thus never truly content.’

That negativity toward self-help literature began to fade away at this point and I realised that something just sounded right. My goals, which I have always been so proud of, stood embossed and glossy and I recognised the trend of my own goals. School leads to college, leads to a job, leads to a boyfriend, leads to a husband, leads to a child, leads to a new job, leads to a house, leads to renovating that house; and not one of those goals has the power to resonate as clearly as it would have if we weren’t always looking forward to the next milestone and goal. Amidst all of these goal realisations and attainments, happiness is always a baby’s breath away almost within reaching distance every time. The question for me and certainly one I had to take the time to dwell over was, why did it take the words of Fiona Brennan, an outsider in my life for me to establish clarity? Simply put, she sees people and her keen perception and understanding strips away the preconceptions and societal masks which we may hide behind and she unites us through our sense of private fulfilment.

The reader promises to follow the audio hypnotherapy for at least 66 days and to read the book in no less than 21 days, with no guilt if days are missed. This was a struggle for me, as I read fast and I move on quickly. The Positive Habit forced me to slow down.

Through six chapters, Fiona Brennan identifies six habits, which when incorporated into an established routine, have the power to completely replace a negative outlook with a positive one. Or so the claim is.

Yet, when I read these six habits and I religiously stuck to the audio recordings in the morning and in the evening, I noticed a change. This was perhaps not as dramatic as suggested by the book but I am perhaps a more rigid creature to mould. I began to recognise ‘The Negativity Bias’ and my natural reflex of focusing on the negative comments as opposed to the positive ones, I realised that if a friend was stressed my natural reaction would be to show compassion to them, yet I am not showing myself the same level of care. I truly learned many lessons and habits and overtime I can see just how effective it is to relearn habits and to mould the ‘plastic brain’.

With the ideal blend of scientific basis and compassionate understanding, Fiona Brennan has written a guide to life. I believe this is essential reading for anyone looking for a change in mind and body. The tone is always calm, always encouraging and the audio recordings are sometimes exactly what you need to be guided toward a place where you can unpack that day’s luggage and leave it aside. Fiona Brennan has not written a self help book, she has incorporated a guide where you can work together toward developing skills of happiness and vitality; this has the power to be a catalyst for change across the board and in this busy world, I am all for that.

(c) Dymphna Nugent

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