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The Salmon of Knowledge by Wayne Kearns

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By Margaret Madden, BleachHouseLibrary.Blogspot.ie

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The well known legend is brought to life for younger readers, thanks to Wayne Kearns. While there are many, many titles available which explore the folklore of Ireland, these illustrated books are just perfect for the inquisitive, yet easily bored, under 8s. Thanks to Miss Mooney, of Collon NS, Co. Louth, here are some quotes from the mouths of babes…

Page 23
“Maybe they’ll cut the fish in half and have some each and they’ll both be clever”. Caoimhe (7)

“They’re going to cook it”. Finn (7)

“I think they’ll take it home but the fish will escape when they’re not looking”. Holly (7)

“I think the fish will escape when the man is taking off the blindfold. He is a very clever fish after all!” Rían (7).

At the end of the story:

“I really like the pictures!” Rían (7)

“I thought it was better than Cú Chulainn. I liked the story better”.

“I liked it because it happened very close to us here on the River Boyne”. Katie (7)

“I really liked the names in it”. Wilson (7).

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