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The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘He watches
He waits
He takes

Who will be his next SILENT WIFE?’

The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter is the tenth book in this bestselling series featuring GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) special agent Will Trent. Returning to Grant County, Karin Slaughter takes the reader on a riveting and explosive journey with a shocking and brilliantly plotted tale that completely captivates from the opening pages.

The Silent Wife is Karin Slaughter’s twentieth book and has just been published with Harper Collins. It is a book that she describes as one that allowed her ‘to revisit places and characters that I have written about before from a new perspective’

Karin Slaughter is a writer that garners great acclaim with The Huffington Post stating that – “Her talent is the equivalent of an Edgar Allan Poe or a Nathaniel Hawthorne . . . An exemplary storyteller, weaving her words with skill and intelligence. She will be recognized as one of the great talents of the 21st century and will hold an honored place in the realm of world literature.”.

The Silent Wife is a thrilling read. For someone like me who has not read the full series I totally get why Karin Slaughter’s writing is such a draw, such a compulsion for many. Her fans are very, very loyal, with The Silent Wife another sure fire bestseller for this prolific and exceptional author.

The fictional location of Grant County is the setting for The Silent Wife. Will Trent and his partner Faith Mitchell are on their way to Phillips State Prison, a medium security prison and home to up to a thousand inmates, an hour outside Atlanta. Following intense rioting, the prison is in lock-down as an inmate had been murdered during the scuffles. Was it gang-related? Was it pre-meditated?

Sara Linton, medical examiner with the GBI, and Will’s girlfriend, is also in attendance. Sara and Will’s relationship is one that has been through many ups and downs, but now they are about to face one of their most serious challenges yet.

While at the scene, they receive an urgent message from an inmate who is willing to trade information. He claims to have knowledge as to why the inmate was so brutally murdered and is prepared to feed the GBI all he has if they consider listening to his story. He is claiming to be the victim of a conspiracy theory where he was set-up and imprisoned for murders he did not commit. His name – Daryl Nesbitt. His claim – he was the scapegoat for a number of vicious attacks on women in Grant County, his case fabricated and embellished by local Chief of police at the time, Jeffrey Tolliver, the now dead husband of Sara Linton. Nesbitt also claims that Tolliver’s fellow police officer, Lena Adams, was corrupt and heavily involved in the cover up.

Nesbitt has newspaper articles up to recent days where he has kept track of other victims, ones he now claims are all linked to the real killer, one who is still out there continuing his murderous and callous attacks on innocent women. Nesbitt refers to the discovery of a woman’s body yesterday. The killer is out there and he can prove it.

The Silent Wife takes the reader back to Grant County when Jeffrey Tolliver was alive. On a personal level, his marriage to Sara Linton was very much on the rocks. On a professional level, he was about to embark on a hunt for a killer, a person with an MO that was brutal, heinous and downright barbaric. Jeffrey Tolliver was a man who was known for his work ethic and his ability to get a job done. He had moved to Grant County for a change of pace, but now, with the discovery of a female student in a local woods, he is set to embark on a race against time, against a killer whose motive is unknown but whose methods are becoming more professional and practiced.

The Silent Wife expertly crosses over between the past and the present. For those of you who have not read the full series, the insights into Jeffrey Tolliver’s personality are very intriguing. Karin Slaughter also provides additional insights into Sara Linton’s relationship with Tolliver and the impact of past events on her choices in life. This shift in time frames is, at all times, skillfully depicted with great detail taking the reader right into the scene, gasping at the horror of the barbaric nature of the crimes committed.

The Silent Wife is brutal. The nature of the crimes committed are shocking. The reader is left in no doubt as to the raw terror, the pure fear of all involved. The Silent Wife is a wonderfully dark and twisted story. With plenty of personal insights intertwined with the savage nature of the case involved, Karin Slaughter takes you on a heart-pumping, disturbing and devastating read.

The Silent Wife is a story of a warped and savage mind, of an individual with a sick and twisted idea of life. It is a story that will thrill and agitate in equal measure.

The Silent Wife is a very intelligent and extraordinarily well-plotted novel. Terrifying and addictive, not to be missed!

(c) Swirl and Thread

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