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The Silver Tattoo by Laura Treacy Bentley

Article by Tom Dredge ©.
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Being Irish, it is great to read such an entertaining mystery novel that starts in Grafton Street and takes us to Doolin. It is set mainly in Ireland and the US with a small detour via London. From the outset this book is steeped in tension and intrigue, the silver street performer, the impish photographer, the ghost ring and psychic Conor. I like the manner in which it switches between time and location and slowly drip feeds bits of information to the reader.
There is an interesting mix of factual information here that adds to the colour and sense of place and character. Ancient Irish Legend, music, astronomy and poetry are just a few of the subjects that are blended seamlessly into this tale. The writing too is bright and vibrant and there are some beautiful descriptions of such locations as the Cliffs of Moher which touch on the poetic at times.
The characters are well formed so that one cared for them and I found myself anxious to know their fate. The apparently crazy Maura, the vulnerable Theodore, the bright mysterious Conor, his friend, the business man Ferdie and Leah who runs from problems are all characters who take on a life of their own.
The only reservation I have concerning this novel is that the identity of the stalker became obvious to me at a relatively early stage. However the quality of the writing and the wide but tightening nets of intrigue kept me spellbound to the end.

Tom Dredge,
Leixlip Writers’ Group.

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