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The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig by Emer Stamp

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By Grace O'Reilly

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This charmingly funny piggy diary tells the tales of Piggy-Wiggy, Duck, Cow the Sheeps and Kitty.  Written and illustrated in lovely black and white cartoon like pictures by Emer Stamp, and first published diary of this title was printed in 2014 by Scholastic Children’s Books.

It is a funny story of their life on the farm.  Pig lives in Pig House which is opposite Cow Shed.  This is near Duck Pond.  Sheep’s Pond is on the farm too, and the veg patch.

The language is in ‘pig’, although there is also some ‘cow’, ‘duck’, ‘sheeps’ ‘cat’ and more featured within its quirky pages.  They all live on the farm together and the farmers house is where Mr and Mrs Sandal, (the farmers) live.

Lots and lots of hilarious references to warm and smelly farts and all things poo and pig!  This book is from our local library in Gorey, Co Wexford, (Ireland) and is recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 9 years of age.

The animals are maliciously sent on a wild goose chase by one of their own, and the Phantom Bantams and their Ving Commander need to step in to help.  They call Piggy-Wiggy ‘Piggenpoop’ which is very funny and apt for this farty character.  A character that all children big and small will enjoy.  I laughed out loud myself.

It is a very cute and adorable book, great for little readers.  The only small issue I would have is if a child was having problems already with grammar, that perhaps these books may not be an ideal series to read.  Although any reading is great, and my 8- and 10-year olds were begging me to keep reading, and so we will be looking in our library for the other three books in the series.  The cute baby-like language is easy to understand

This is “the second super funny diary of Pig” in a four-book series.  The other titles are

Book 1 The Unbelievable Top-Secret Diary of Pig

Book 2 (this one) The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig

Book 3 Seriously Extraordinary Diary of Pig

Book 4 The Big, Fat, Totally Bonkers Diary of Pig

(c) Grace O’Reilly

Order your copy online here.

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