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Through The Wall by Caroline Corcoran

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘I can hear her through the wall
She has no idea what I did.
No idea what I’m capable of…’
 [ Harriet ]

‘I swear I can feel her.
Biding her time.
Waiting to rip my life apart…’
 [ Lexie ]

Through The Wall by Caroline Corcoran is published with Avon Books. It is described as a book ‘exploring universal themes of loneliness, emotional abuse and social media…with suspense, darkness and drama…will resonate with anyone who has ever lived in close quarters with a neighbour’.

Harriet is single, living in an apartment complex surrounded by neighbours but not really knowing any of them. They might share an elevator ride, they might pass each other on the corridor’s of the block but there is no connection, no relationships. Harriet is American but has lived in the UK for a number of years, building up her career writing music for shows and other contracts.

Occasionally Harriet covers over her piano, stocks her apartment with booze and opens her doors to anyone who wishes to party. Her parties are renowned as the place to go at the end of a night when you are just not ready to go to bed. Folk pair up, folk get paralytic drunk, folk fall asleep and it’s not uncommon for Harriet to be there in the early hours with a random stranger skulking out of her door after a night of drunken sex.

Lexie and Tom live next door to Harriet. They lead a very different life to Harriet. Lexie made a career change and now works from home. They have been together as a couple for years enjoying each others company at home, with the occasional night out together or with friends. Lexie and Tom hear the carry-on through the wall that separates them from Harriet’s apartment. They have never met her in real life but create a fictitious life for Harriet just as a bit of fun, harmless entertainment. Lexie is convinced that Harriet lives in the fast-lane, very glamorous with an incredible social life. Harriet is a city girl with the city life-style to match…or so Lexie thinks.

After making a decision to try for a baby, their priorities shift completely. Their lives become a waiting game, month on month. At times the noises from Harriet’s apartment get a little overwhelming with the piano blasting and the spontaneous parties, but this, unfortunately is part of life in an apartment complex and Lexie and Tom try to laugh it off.

Over time strange and unexplained events happen to Lexie and Tom. With Lexie on hormone treatment, they become very dismissive of it being anything other than exhaustion and an over-active imagination. But as the weeks and months pass, things take a very sinister twist indeed.

Through The Wall is a chilling and eerie read highlighting the ease with which our lives can be followed and examined in such detail. Social media has exposed us all to a quagmire, the unknown. The long lasting impact of always on, our constant updating of feeds, filtering our reality to perfection plays on the minds of the displaced, the lonely, the mentally unstable. None of us know what is really going on behind the closed doors of others. We are oft oblivious to the alienation, the solitude, the emotional abuse that others suffer and the effect it can have on their lives and possibly ours.

With chapters alternating between the lives of Lexie and Harriet, Through The Wall is a very claustrophobic, creepy and atmospheric read.

And just a quick note for those of you who are apartment dwellers…after reading it, life will never be the same again!

(c) Swirl and Thread

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