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Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

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Summer seemed to arrive at that moment, with its mysterious mixture of salt, cold flesh and fuel.

I loved Villa America, the second novel by Liza Klaussmann, and once finished I went out to my local book shop and purchased a copy of Tigers in Red Weather, Liza Klaussmann’s debut novel.

It has been sitting on my bookshelf for way too long, so I finally picked it up this week to read. Today’s review is a lot shorter than I normally would write but with the festive season upon us, I’m afraid my words have to be reduced somewhat! I hope you can feel my enthusiasm for Tigers in Red Weather in the few words I have written.

I finished Tigers in Red Weather last night and I’m still processing it to be honest. The vivid descriptions, the atmosphere. You can feel the burning, sizzling heat of the sun off the pages. The characters are wonderfully depicted…all with issues, all very complex.

This is a book that requires a moment to sit back and think about what you have just read…. It’s quirky. It’s intriguing. It’s quite a powerful read.

There are many quotable lines in this novel but for me this one stands out:

‘As she unpacked their boxes, dusted off wedding silver, hung his shirts, she imagined herself running away to Europe, renting an apartment on the Champs-Élysées or the Via Condotti, drinking small dark coffees and dancing in the cafes until dawn. But aside from buying a very expensive set of French lingerie, she made no move to get away, except in her head. If she knew he was trapping her, she also knew that she loved him, or rather she had him under her skin, like a fever……she wasn’t sure how it happened, but she had stopped fighting it…’

Tigers in Red Weather is a very evocative book. It’s got glamour. It’s got secrets. It’s very intense and it has quite a cultured feel to it. It wonderfully depicts that era, post WW2, when the world was turned on it’s axis and folk were experiencing a different kind of freedom.

A very compelling read folks! I really look forward to the next book from Liza Klaussmann.

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