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Wilde About the Girl by Louise Pentland

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By Swirl and Thread

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Wilde About the Girl is the sequel to Wilde Like Me from YouTuber and parenting/lifestyle/beauty blogger/vlogger, Louise Pentland.

Just published by Bonnier Zaffre, Louise Pentland is described as ‘the fresh voice contemporary women’s fiction has been waiting for. She is sharp, funny, a natural storyteller and completely relatable’.

Admittedly not a book I would normally pick up, not being from the YouTube generation, so I was well intrigued to check it out.

Robin Wilde is a woman trying to juggle life in the best way she can. Now as a single mother with a young child, Robin Wilde is filled with the guilt of many a parent, that constant nag in your ear that tells you you are not enough. In Wilde About the Girl, Robin Wilde is back in the sequel to Wilde Like Me. It works perfectly fine as a stand alone so have no fear there folks. It’s very easy to jump into Robin Wilde’s life and keep her company during this new year that she has embarked on. With a positive swing to her step and a general ‘joie de vivre’ about her demeanor, Robin is set to take on the world.

Robin is thrilled at the opportunity to temporarily take over the reins at work when her boss takes some time out. Working in the make-up artist business is what Robin loves. The fizz of the transformation of the model never fades and Robin relishes the opportunity to be the leader for a short duration. But Robin soon discovers that all is not as straightforward as she had hoped for. With snide remarks and quite competitive attitudes from her colleagues Robin is soon battling an internal work dilemma. In the meantime her daughter Lyla is working up an attitude and her best friend Lacey is having her own family dramas. Suddenly Robin’s life doesn’t seem as sorted as she had hoped….

Can Robin shift the gear up another notch and battle her way through all these ever-changing dilemmas in her life? Or is her world about to come crashing down?

Wilde About the Girl is what I would term a joyous kind of a read, while also a light-hearted tribute to motherhood.

Robin Wilde’s character has challenges in her life but she also has a good support network. She lives in a lovely home but she has a rather large mortgage repayment. Lyla’s father is still in the picture (as just that Lyla’s father) but his presence does provide Robin with time out, time for her to catch up on her own love-life. Robin has a relaxed relationship with a person that she sees occasionally and this has suited Robin….up to now!! Life can sometimes leave you in a quandary and it’s not long before Robin finds herself pulled….in lots and lots of different directions.

Louise Pentland is a YouTuber with a very high profile. With her natural presence and humorous nature, you can’t help but feel that much of her own personality is expressed through the character of Robin Wilde. Robin is sweet-natured. She is loveable. She is the best friend everybody wants. There is a vulnerability to Robin, yet also she is a fighter, someone who wants to get on the right track in life and be a success. Robin wants Lyla to have a good life and it is her responsibility, as Lyla’s main support and carer, to provide that life for her.

Wilde About the Girl is a charming read filled with wit, heart-break and humour. It is not an overly complex tale and many of the story-lines are predictable, however it really is an easy read to just switch off with and take time out!

Delightful. Entertaining. Appealing.

(c) Swirl and Thread

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