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Choosing Your Point of View (Part 1) by Ally Carter
Posted by Ally Carter in , .

How do you know which Point of View to use? If it’s first person, how do you pick which character tells the story? This is one of the things authors...

Food for Thought: Domestic Themes and Settings by Sally Piper
Posted by Sally Piper in , .

Humans are the only animals who cook and the only primates who share their food. As a consequence, food consumption has evolved to be a significant personal, social and cultural...

To Plan or to Plunge? by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Posted by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald in , .

I used to find it difficult to describe my writing process, but I’ve become a little more deliberate in trying to observe myself over the years. While each book has...

From Blogging to Book Launch by Nicola Cassidy
Posted by Nicola Cassidy in , .

From blogging to book launch – how writing a blog gave me all the tools I need to be an author. I’ve been blogging since 2013. I started with a...

Using Real Life in Fiction by Sherryl Clark
Posted by Sherryl Clark in , .

There are a number of “rules” that writers are told, and one of the most common is “Write what you know”. To counter this, we are also told “Make things...

How to be a Master of Suspense by Sandra Ireland
Posted by Sandra Ireland in , .

The key to the success of any story is suspense, that delicious ratcheting of tension which keeps the reader glued to the page. This is true of any narrative, whether...

How to Use Foreshadowing in your Writing by Graham Smith
Posted by Graham Smith in , .

Foreshadowing is one of those tricks in the writer’s toolbox which when used properly goes unnoticed. Let’s face it, we’ve all read books where the hero of the story (I’m...

Tall Story: Tall Order? Finding a Killer Story by Marnie Riches
Posted by Marnie Riches in , .

Tightrope will be my eighth crime fiction novel, and in January this year, I delivered my ninth – the second in the all new Bev Saunders series about the most...

Finding Your Authentic Voice by Sheila Forsey
Posted by Sheila Forsey in , .

It is easy to get caught up with writing what is marketable and what is a popular genre especially when a writer is trying to get published. There is so...

It’s Never Too Late To Start Writing By Brian Finnegan
Posted by Brian Finnegan in , .

I got my first publishing deal when I was 45 years old. Five years earlier, as I ushered in my 40s, I thought my time was up in terms of...