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Breathing Life into Historical Fiction Characters by Sheila Forsey
Posted by Sheila Forsey in , .

It was not enough to simply research what it was like to live in the time period of my novel.  Somehow, I needed to feel the emotion of my characters...

The Shape of Stories by Holly Jackson
Posted by Holly Jackson in , .

My first book, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, has just been published by Egmont UK, but my journey of writing it might begin somewhere you wouldn’t expect. When I...

Motivation, Inspiration & Perspiration by Sam Blake
Posted by Sam Blake in , .

I’ve just sent the final proof changes for my new thriller Keep Your Eyes on Me to my wonderful editors Sara O’Keefe and Poppy Mostyn-Owen in Corvus Atlantic. My first...

The Highs and Lows of the Second Novel by Doreen Finn
Posted by Doreen Finn in , .

Writing the dreaded sophomore novel is a daunting process. Most authors who have bled over their second book will confirm that. When the time came for me to write another...

Three Things to Know When Writing a Series by Peter Bartram
Posted by Peter Bartram in , .

Like it or not, we live in the age of the boxset. For writers and film-makers alike, the aim is to find a target audience, discover what they like, and...

Writing for Children by Bannie McPartlin
Posted by Bannie McPartlin in , .

My first book Pack Up The Moon, was published in 2006. My first screenplay was transmitted in 2008. Now in 2019 my first children’s book is currently on bookshelves across...

Overcoming Writer’s Block by Tina Callaghan
Posted by Tina Callaghan in , .

Let’s talk about writer’s block. Stephen King points out that plumbers don’t get plumbers block, or cardiac surgeons, surgeon’s block. The surgeon never says ‘I don’t feel like operating today....

Writing Your First Short Stories by Orla McAlinden

My children were going to grow up without a grandfather. I’d never known my grandfathers either, nor my grannies. All I had of them were a few snatched recollections, here...

Why Join Writing.ie? What Are The Benefits To You?
Posted by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin in , , , .

Writing.ie was thrilled recently to win EU Business News Magazine’s prestigious award for Best Digital Writing Resource, on top of the Blogger Awards (silver and gold) that we have won...

Finding Your Writing Process by Ally Carter
Posted by Ally Carter in , .

What’s the best process to use when writing a book? It’s incredibly important that I say this up front and often: Every writer has a different process. In fact, every...