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From Blogging to Book Launch by Nicola Cassidy
Posted by Nicola Cassidy in , .

From blogging to book launch – how writing a blog gave me all the tools I need to be an author. I’ve been blogging since 2013. I started with a...

Finding Your Authentic Voice by Sheila Forsey
Posted by Sheila Forsey in , .

It is easy to get caught up with writing what is marketable and what is a popular genre especially when a writer is trying to get published. There is so...

It’s Never Too Late To Start Writing By Brian Finnegan
Posted by Brian Finnegan in , .

I got my first publishing deal when I was 45 years old. Five years earlier, as I ushered in my 40s, I thought my time was up in terms of...

The Secret to Success? Just Write! by Claire Allan
Posted by Claire Allan in , .

Probably the most common question any successful writer is asked is how to they’ve got to where they are. It’s one of the hardest questions to answer, in fairness, because...

Capturing the Internet for your Writing by Holly Wainwright
Posted by Holly Wainwright in , .

Capturing the Internet and pressing it to paper There’s a mum on the Internet who thinks that brushing your child’s hair while they’re complaining and squirming is common assault. There’s...

Motivation, Inspiration & Perspiration by Sam Blake
Posted by Sam Blake in , .

I’ve just sent the final proof changes for my new thriller Keep Your Eyes on Me to my wonderful editors Sara O’Keefe and Poppy Mostyn-Owen in Corvus Atlantic. My first...

Overcoming Writer’s Block by Tina Callaghan
Posted by Tina Callaghan in , .

Let’s talk about writer’s block. Stephen King points out that plumbers don’t get plumbers block, or cardiac surgeons, surgeon’s block. The surgeon never says ‘I don’t feel like operating today....

The Creative Process: On Writing Magic by Rachel Rueckert
Posted by Rachel Rueckert in , .

Hands down, one of the best parts of being Anam Cara’s director is getting to know the writers- and artists-in-residence and their work. They have taught me and each other much...

Getting Started on your Novel by Faith Hogan
Posted by Faith Hogan in , .

Well done – lots of people want to write a book and there are just as many who think they have a book in them that we are all just...

You Want to be a Writer – SO READ! by Zoë Miller
Posted by Zoë Miller in , .

Imagine if you had a dream of taking part in Dancing with the Stars, if you loved dancing so much that you longed to be involved in this glittering event....