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A Writer’s Fears by Michael J. Malone
Posted by Michael J. Malone in , .

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers has been a number one bestseller three decades and has sold in over 30 countries. The success of this book...

My Writing Process by Lucy Clarke
Posted by Lucy Clarke in , .

Lucy Clarke’s debut novel, The Sea Sisters, hit the ground running with multiple foreign rights sales as well as becoming a Richard & Judy Book Club Choice. You can read...

The Many ‘Right’ Ways to Write by Kevin O’Connell
Posted by Kevin O'Connell in , .

“How d’you do it?” Whether one is just starting, howsoever tentatively, to write fiction or has been at the craft for some time – even a very long time –...

So you want to be a writer? Who cares? by Owen Dwyer
Posted by Owen Dwer in , .

When setting out to write something you should always start with a theme, in my view. Pick something you care about. Better still, pick something other people will care about...

NaNoWriMo: Applications due for National Novel Writing Month
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It’s almost time for that race-against-the-clock, heart-pounding rollercoaster of creativity that is National Novel Writing Month! In just two weeks, writers everywhere will begin penning the tales that will sweep...

The Myth of the Debut Novel by Kate Simants
Posted by Kate Simants in , .

Lock Me In, my debut novel, is a thriller about a young woman who suffers from a psychological condition in which she dissociates from reality. She’ll become a different person...

Listening to Music by Lucy Sweeney Byrne
Posted by Lucy Sweeney Byrne in , .

When I hear music, I see images; images of places I have listened to the music before, coming in flashes, trains and woods and streets, or the faces of people...

The Writing Process by Carol Coffey
Posted by Carol Coffey in , .

There are only two things I am sure about when I begin a new novel and the first is how the book will begin. Before I sit down at my...

From Blogging to Book Launch by Nicola Cassidy
Posted by Nicola Cassidy in , .

From blogging to book launch – how writing a blog gave me all the tools I need to be an author. I’ve been blogging since 2013. I started with a...

Finding Your Authentic Voice by Sheila Forsey
Posted by Sheila Forsey in , .

It is easy to get caught up with writing what is marketable and what is a popular genre especially when a writer is trying to get published. There is so...