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10 Music Inspired Writing Prompts by Adriana Bielkova
Posted by Adriana Bielkova in , .

Creative prompts are the saviours of an imagination gone dry. If you listen to music for writing inspiration, why not try out some of our writing prompts based on music?...

The Best Laid Plans by Sheena Wilkinson
Posted by Sheena Wilkinson in .

I’m a planner. Until I’m not. I planned this article a few days ago, and then, just before I sat down to write, I read Maggie O’Farrell’s ‘My Working Day’...

Dialogue: Say, Say, Say What You Want, Although …by Hannah McKinnon
Posted by Hannah McKinnon in .

Most writers would agree they love interacting with other writers. After all, who understands the trials, tribulations, crippling self-doubt and (at times elusive) euphoria better than a fellow author? But...

Finding a Remarkable Story by Charles Den Tex
Posted by Charles Den Tex and Anneloes Timmerije in , .

‘You simply HAVE to hear this story.’ That’s how it started. The words were spoken by a good friend and film producer. He told the story and we hung on...

Research: The Devil That Is In The Details by Marnie Riches
Posted by Marnie Riches in , .

As the fourth book in my George McKenzie series – The Girl Who Had No Fear – published on 1st December, when I was asked to produce a post for...

All About The Notebook by Ruth Long
Posted by Ruth Frances Long in , .

The incredible author and powerhouse RF Long has just released the third in her epic YA fantasy trilogy set in Dublin:  A Darkness at the End . A constant supporter...

Creating New Characters From Nothing by Clio Gray
Posted by Clio Gray in .

What I need up front is to find the right name for each of them. Once I’ve fixed the name I’m able to begin to distinguish the characters one from...

If You Write You’re A Writer…Lesley Richardson
Posted by Lesley Richardson in .

‘So, are you a writer?’ the man in the lift asked. We were on our way up to the newsroom in Belfast’s Broadcasting House. He worked there as a producer,...

Creativity Collateral: Tyrone Guthrie by Alana Kirk
Posted by Alana Kirk in , .

Can creativity be taught?  I don’t know.  But can it seep under your skin and and filter into your mind by sheer osmosis?  I think so. Certainly at Tyrone Guthrie...

25 Thoughts on Writing & Editing by Oisín Fagan
Posted by Oisín Fagan in .

Oisín Fagan has had fiction published in The Stinging Fly, New Planet Cabaret and the anthology Young Irelanders. He won the inaugural Penny Dreadful Novella Prize for his novella The...