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Writing Wisdom by Alana Kirk
Posted by Alana Kirk in , .

2016 is being hailed as a year to forget but for Irish writing it was one to remember. The year ended at the BGE Book Awards where some unforgettable books...

Identity Crisis: Writing Character in Fiction by Ajay Close
Posted by Ajay Close in , .

It is a sad fact of life that, if you write fiction, there will always be somebody who reacts violently against it. A novel extorts imaginative collaboration. It penetrates deep...

Finding Your Voice as a Writer by Patricia Caliskan

For most of us, it’s a condition easily treatable with a quick sip of honey and lemon or the kind offer of a Strepsil. Finding your voice sounds like some...

Writing Like a Runner by Noelle Harrison
Posted by Noelle Harrison in , .

How do I finish my book? It’s a question all writers ask themselves. No matter whether it is their first novel, or their tenth, the challenge always appears insurmountable. To...

Music as The Muse by Patricia Caliskan
Posted by Patricia Caliskan in , .

Ah! The Muse. That lovely, literary sprite who flutters helpfully around our shoulders, filling our eager, little minds with wonderful ideas and standalone characters, which appear out of the blue,...

How to Start a Story: 9 Tips from 9 Top Editors
Posted by Reedsy in , .

The opening lines of a novel act as an invitation for the reader to keep reading — it’s like the white rabbit showing up and asking Alice to follow him....

Writing and Parenting: Writing as a Full-Time Parent by Niamh Garvey
Posted by Niamh Garvey in , .

This time last year I gave up my job to mind my kids full time. I had a pensionable, permanent (and rather manic) nursing job; a job for life. People...

Creating Characters – The Real Storytellers by Patricia Caliskan
Posted by Patricia Caliskan in , .

Think about your favourite books and, sure enough, it’s your favourite characters who take centre stage. For all the most original, fascinating plot twists, without a strong reaction to indelible...

The Secret Writer by TM Logan
Posted by TM Logan in , .

I’ve told quite a few fibs during the years that I’ve been writing. Not stone-cold lies, but not the whole truth either. In fact, until I got a deal for...

First Rules of #WriteClub by Sarah Hilary
Posted by Sarah Hilary in , .

On New Year’s Day, I decided to share some writing rules and tips on Twitter. By midday, the hashtags #WriteClub and #WriteNow were trending and it had all gone a...