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Picture Books: To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme by Sarah Webb
Posted by Sarah Webb in .

  I was doing some intense thinking about picture books last night. My writing class asked me why I’m not keen on rhyming picture books and I didn’t have a...

Mark O’Sullivan On Dialogue
Posted by Mark O'Sullivan in .

There’s a growing consensus these days in the neuromusicological world that music is about anticipation. The well-worked composition, whatever the style or genre, satisfies the listener’s expectations for onward momentum,...

Clare Mackintosh: Writing A Big Twist
Posted by Clare Mackintosh in .

Crime and thriller fiction nowadays is all about the Big Twist; a literary device that’s been around for years, but has been back under the spotlight since Gone Girl and...

A Day in the Life: CL Taylor
Posted by CL Taylor in .

So you get your deal and suddenly you’re under contract to produce the next book by a very clearly specified deadline! We asked bestseller Cally Taylor to tell us a...

Using Location and Memory by Gemma Jackson
Posted by Gemma Jackson in .

I grew up in inner-city Dublin. Like so many people of my age I was told to “sit there and keep quiet!” ‘There’ could be anywhere from a horsehair sofa...

Zoë Miller on The Freedom in Story Structure
Posted by Zoë Miller in .

Whatever kind of novel you are writing, be it a 500-page adventure drama about dinosaurs, a 400-page dark family saga spanning decades, or a short, psychological thriller where the action...

A Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel by Henrietta McKervey
Posted by Henrietta McKervey in .

Daft as it may sound, but when I decided to write a book set in both 1966 and 1916 (with a few hops, skips and jumps back to 1906 for...

Becoming an Overnight Success by Marnie Riches
Posted by Marnie Riches in .

Though my “debut” crime thriller, The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die is about to be released on 2nd April 2015 by Maze/HarperCollins, I’m hardly a debut author. Debut authors rarely are...

Writing Commercial Fiction? Here are Colette Caddle’s Writing Tips
Posted by Colette Caddle in .

I first come up with a backdrop for the story. I usually try to find one that will allow me to bring in characters of different ages and backgrounds. For...

How Good Characters Lead to Good Storytelling Part 2
Posted by Claire Coughlan in .

Claire Coughlan attended Joanna Briscoe’s workshop at the Mountains to Sea literary festival for writing.ie, and brings you her insights, hot off the press…you can read part 1 here. Joanna...