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Writing Killer Dialogue by Louise Phillips
Posted by Louise Phillips in .

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that because we use dialogue every day, it should be easy to recreate.  One of the things I learned early on was...

The Vital Details by Sheena Wilkinson
Posted by Sheena Wikinson in .

I’ve always loved reading and writing historical fiction. Ever since I fell in love with the World War One poets in O Level English – thank you, Mrs Leathart and...

Writing in Full Colour by Sarah Webb
Posted by Sarah Webb in .

The second book in my Songbird Cafe Girls Middle Grade series (age 8 to 12), Sunny Days and Moon Cakes has just been published. While writing it I was stuck...

Who Likes An Anti Hero? By Rebecca Whitney
Posted by Rebecca Whitney in .

When I began work on my novel, The Liar’s Chair, my intention was to write a lead character who was complex and challenging, to explore a protagonist who felt real...

Anthony Horowitz and the Skeleton Keys to Success
Posted by Bert Wright in .

If you could choose to be one superstar footballer who would you pick? Not Ronaldo nor Messi — too much pressure — and definitely not Wayne Rooney. Think of Colleen’s...

Creating a Killer Cast of Characters by Marnie Riches
Posted by Marnie Riches in .

An aspect of my writing that reviewers of The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die and advance reviewers of The Girl Who Broke the Rules consistently comment on, is the way in...

Write Your Novel in a Month by Kelly Creighton
Posted by Kelly Creighton in .

There is a saying that everyone has at least one novel in them. I believe this is true. Ideas are not hard to come by; every day we are bombarded...

Writing Action Scenes: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt
Posted by Paul Anthony Shortt in , .

I love action scenes. They’re some of my favourite things to write, so much so that many of my best book ideas come from the spark of a new climactic...

I Just Write by Tony Schumacher
Posted by Tony Schumacher in .

After his excellent article in The Guardian, highlighted here by Derek Flynn on his Writing.ie blog, Published at 46 – An Inspirational Tale for Aspiring Writers, we wanted to find...

The Importance of Research by Dinah Jefferies
Posted by Dinah Jefferies in .

It all happened by chance. A stroke of fate that meant I was born in the East during a turbulent period of Malaya’s history. In fact my dad’s car came...