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Editing Your First Draft by Joanne Burn
Posted by Joanne Burn in .

It’s a real achievement to complete the first draft of a novel – congratulations! So, what now? It might be that you’re lucky enough to have fellow writers with whom...

The World of Special Needs and Disabilities in Fiction by Carol Coffey
Posted by Carol Coffey in .

Carol Coffey has used her extensive background in disabilities to bring the world of special needs to the wider population through her writing.  Here she talks about her novel The...

Kicking it into Shape: Self-Editing Tips by Alison May
Posted by Alison May in , .

A first draft is not a novel. A first draft is, at best, a potential novel. Different writers will have different amounts of potential in that first draft, but very...

Working as a Court Reporter: The Secrets You Hide by Kate Helm
Posted by Kate Helm in .

Court in the act – author Kate Helm on how her experiences as a reporter led to her writing her first thriller: I was 18 when I first appeared in...

Giving up the Day Job to be a Writer by Zoë Miller
Posted by Zoë Miller in , .

You’ve finally given up the day job to write that book and focus everything on your writing career – it will be so much easier – or is it? The...

How to Structure your Writing Without Pain by Merle Nygate
Posted by Merle Nygate in , .

William Goldman famously said there were only three rules for screenwriting: ‘Structure, structure and structure.’  Some people have an ability to structure a narrative without even thinking about it; these...

Creating a Page-Turner: Death Rope by Leigh Russell
Posted by Leigh Russell in , .

With the emergence of ebooks, it has become relatively easy to become published. As a result, writing books has become an increasingly popular pastime in recent years. So it is...

Flying Zebras and Dancing Cheese: Writing for Children by Debbie Thomas
Posted by Debbie Thomas in , .

This article was originally titled ‘How to write for children’. But there are millions of ways to do that and millions of children with millions of tastes. Then it became...

Getting The First Draft Done by Aidan Conway
Posted by Aidan Conway in , .

I finished the first draft of A Cold Flame on the 21st December 2016, only an hour before I had to leave for the airport to spend Christmas with my...

The Character Dossier by Dr. Bob Rich
Posted by Dr. Bob Rich in , .

The aim of all fiction is to induce emotion in the reader. While immersed in your story, a person should be encouraged to enter its reality, so that, for the...