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What to do before you start writing by Olivia Rana
Posted by Olivia Rana in , .

I’ve been writing for over twenty years, and much of this time has been spent trying to improve my skills as a writer. I started out going to evening classes,...

Using Your Home as a Backdrop to a Novel by Nicola Cassidy
Posted by Nicola Cassidy in .

Nicola Cassidy, author of December Girl, reflects on the research that led her to write her debut set in the Boyne Valley, in a week that saw the famous site...

Building Character: On Bone Bridge by Maria Hoey
Posted by Maria Hoey in , .

I was asked recently how I came up with the character of Kay Kelly. For those who have not read the book, Kay Kelly is the first-person narrator of my...

Editor Scott Pack’s Top Tips

This is just one reason why Twitter has huge value for writers. Editor Scott Pack ( @meandmybigmouth)  of Unbound tweeted this thread of wisdom and solid gold editorial tips –...

Pacing the Thriller: Believe Me by JP Delaney
Posted by JP Delaney in , .

The one thing everyone agrees a thriller needs is pace. If it doesn’t make you turn the pages – if you’re not hooked from the get-go, and so addicted by...

“So, where do your ideas come from?” by Cara Hunter
Posted by Cara Hunter in , .

“Where do your ideas some from?” At events, this is the question I get asked more than any other, and I suspect other writers find the same. And I’m not...

Research Techniques: The Language of Secrets by Ausma Zehanat Khan
Posted by Ausma Zehanat Khan in , .

My Esa Khattak/Rachel Getty crime series features a pair of Canadian detectives who specialize in sensitive investigations in minority communities. Though the series is grounded in the multicultural city of...

Writing Historical Crime Fiction by M.J. Tjia
Posted by M.J. Tjia in , .

As a crime fiction reader, I have always loved finding a new crime series to follow. This is probably why I always meant for my crime novels, featuring courtesan-sleuth Heloise...

Finding Confidence and Creating Opportunities in Writing by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

Becoming a published writer is a dream for so many people, but if you struggle with self-confidence, it can be very daunting indeed. My journey to finding confidence is ongoing...

Creating Your Own Writing Space by Caroline Roberts
Posted by Caroline Roberts in , .

I like to write in my kitchen at the breakfast bar, or in the conservatory where I overlook my garden and the country fields beyond. I also like it to...