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Why Take a Writing Class?
Posted by Claire Hennessy in , .

Why take a writing class? What do people get out of them? Can writing really be taught, anyway? (The writer Flannery O’Connor famously noted, when asked whether she felt the...

Rory’s Story Cubes – Where Great Ideas Start
Posted by Julie Murphy in , .

The general consensus is that creativity is a gift bestowed on an elite few and that some of us were simply not designed to produce literary masterpieces or breath-taking works...

The Seven Stages of Creativity Week 3: Investigation (Capturing)
Posted by Orna Ross in , .

Creativity cannot be killed but it can be starved it into stagnation by ignorance.  When we know what we want to say, we just say it. The key to that knowing...

Whose Story is This Anyway? Tracy Culleton on Point of View
Posted by Tracy Culleton in , .

Point of View (POV) literally means just that. Whose point of view is the reader borrowing at any given time. From which direction is the camera lens pointing? Point of...

The Seven Stages of Creativity: Week 2 Incubation
Posted by Orna Ross in , .

The task of incubation, whether in a premature baby ward at the maternity hospital, a bacteria-breeding laboratory or a writers’ imagination, is to provide the environment in which growth can...

The Seven Stages of Creativity: Week 1 Intention
Posted by Orna Ross in , .

Bestselling author Orna Ross specialises in and offers coaching in creative intelligence. Here she shares her thoughts with writing.ie The same process that creates one thing creates all things. And that process...

Noelle Harrison on Literary Passion
Posted by Noelle Harrison in , .

Writing about sex is something most writers find challenging. Yet it cannot be avoided. Sex is a part of our daily lives, and so if a novel is to reflect...

Joseph O’Connor’s Top 10 Tips
Posted by Joseph O'Connor in , .

Author and broadcaster Joseph O’Connor is to receive the 2012 Irish PEN Award for outstanding contribution to Irish Literature. The award will be presented at a dinner on Friday, 10 February, 2012,...

Landscape as Metaphor with Noelle Harrison
Posted by Noelle Harrison in , .

It was a particular landscape, which led me to write my first novel. Over thirteen years ago I moved to a small village near Kells in County Meath. Having lived...

Keeping Track of Your Plot
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in , .

Keeping Track of Your Plot: How to Make a Novel “Bible” I get most of my ideas while writing. While I thank my lucky stars I get any ideas at...