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An Accidental Memoir by Alana Kirk
Posted by Alana Kirk in .

Memoirs have become increasingly popular in recent years.   Since Julius Ceasar published accounts of his battle years around 50BC, memoirs have been a constant presence in published literature. But in...

YAFictionados: How to Organise a Digital Event
Posted by Chris Moore in , .

Organising a digital event can seem pretty daunting but if you know what you want to achieve, that’s half the battle. When I published my first post to the YAfictionados...

Writing Specialised Non Fiction by Lissa Oliver
Posted by Lissa Oliver in .

If you are writing about a specialist subject it follows that you are a specialist in that subject. Your readers are certainly going to be aficionados and will quickly spot...

Writing on Trauma by Kathleen Ward
Posted by Kathleen Ward in , .

I have just launched my first book entitled A Violation Against Women. This book is the culmination of twenty years of distress and trauma following my experiences at Our Lady...

Alice Jolly Explains Currated Crowd Funding with Unbound

Crowdfunding? Does it work for books? Eighteen months ago this was a very real question for me. Now my crowdfunded memoir ‘Dead Babies And Seaside Towns’ is on Amazon and...

Journey Into the Light by Roisin Fitzpatrick
Posted by Roisin Fitzpatrick in .

If there is one thing that I learned on the day after my 35th birthday, when I had my near death experience from a brain haemorrhage, it is that life...

Writing Non Fiction: The Elements Behind The Little Book of Tyrone
Posted by Cathal Coyle in .

In the summer of 2013, I purchased a copy of The Little Book of Lancashire. There were many good reasons for doing so; not least because some of my relatives...

How To Write A Self Help Book That Sells by Donna Kennedy
Posted by Donna Kennedy in .

In recent years self-help books have become extremely popular. In fact at the time of writing a search for the words ‘self help’ generated a staggering 694,941 results on Amazon.com....

Speak Freely And Think Small: The Art of Memoir Writing
Posted by Lorraine Morris in .

There was a time when only movie stars and the super rich produced memoirs but these days the art of memoir writing has captured the imagination of a wider public....

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog by Hilary Smith
Posted by Hilary Smith in .

The Wizard of Oz affectionately informed the Tin Man that, “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” At...