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Scroll down to read our articles on who exactly is who in Irish publishing – from agents to editors, state agencies to organisations, this is section is essential reading for anyone new to the industry.

Rules for Writers: Part Two by R.M. Clarke
Posted by R.M. Clarke in .

OK, you’ve finished your novel. Actually finished it. You’ve put it through the blender once or twice, that one friend and your cat have stopped replying to your increasingly plaintive...

Rules for Writers: Part One by R.M. Clarke
Posted by R.M. Clarke in .

You have a book in you. You know it. You need to get it out, somehow. Not just anywhere mind; neither the gutter nor the pub will do. You need...

Writing for a Shared World Anthology by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in .

I’m a big fan of anthologies and short story collections and have been fortunate to have work included in a number of them over the past few years. The Asylum...

The Power of the Follow Loop By Dina Santorelli
Posted by Dina Santorelli in .

While it’s true that no author is an island (it takes a sizable village to get a book to press, whether you’re an indie or traditionally published), being an author...

Behind the Bestseller with Sam Blake: Podcast Launch!

What makes a book a success? What’s that magic ingredient writers need to bring to their manuscript to make it fly off the shelves? Ever since I started writing I’ve...

Writers Ink Writers Club: an online writers group through Facebook
Posted by Writing.ie in .

Writing.ie has recently launched Writers Ink, an online writers group designed to give you support, friendship, advice and to help you achieve your writing objectives – whatever you are writing....

Scrivener: A Software Resource for Writers
Posted by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin in , , .

An article from our archives – consistently one of our most popular postings! When international bestseller Alex Barclay sang the praises of Scrivener in this excellent article, we thought we’d investigate...

Finding a Niche and Personalising ‘Success’ by Kevin Foley
Posted by Kevin Foley in .

‘Nobody moves or the goat gets it’; finding a niche and personalising ‘success’. My writing was first published when I was twenty-three; ‘The Extent of Benefit-Induced Unemployment in Great Britain:...

On Being An Irish Working Class Writer (Part 3) by Dave Lordan
Posted by Dave Lordan in .

The ancient novelty of Working Class literature Working-class literature, that is literature produced chiefly by & for the working class, comes in  many forms & in many mediums, many informal...

On Being An Irish Working Class Writer (Part 2) by Dave Lordan
Posted by Dave Lordan in .

What is the working class? The working class is the class of people who depend on the continuous sale of labour power, their own or family members’, in order to...