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Scroll down to read our articles on who exactly is who in Irish publishing – from agents to editors, state agencies to organisations, this is section is essential reading for anyone new to the industry.

A Writer’s Room: Alana Kirk
Posted by Alana Kirk in .

Where I write – from dreams to reality. When I first started to write, I remember looking around my house wondering where my ambition would sit amongst the baby toys,...

Editing Tricks to Get You Published by Claire Hennessy

Editing. It sounds boring. Fiddly. Dotting i’s. Crossing t’s. Or it sounds like something that is done to you and your work. Someone asks Laura Jane Cassidy about her first...

Writing Graphic Novels by Jack Campbell
Posted by Jack Campbell in .

Novels and short fiction demand some different approaches to writing because of their length.  Something that you can spend pages describing in a novel has to be summed up a...

Scrivener: A Software Resource for Writers
Posted by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin in , , .

An article from our archives – consistently one of our most popular postings! When international bestseller Alex Barclay sang the praises of Scrivener in this excellent article, we thought we’d investigate...

Is a Writing Retreat Right For You? by E.R. Murray
Posted by E.R. Murray in .

I’m a bit of a travel-a-holic and I hate routine, so I regularly go on writing retreats to recharge, refresh and write somewhere new. Some of these retreats have been...

Editor Scott Pack’s Top Tips

This is just one reason why Twitter has huge value for writers. Editor Scott Pack ( @meandmybigmouth)  of Unbound tweeted this thread of wisdom and solid gold editorial tips –...

Working with a Mentor: The New Girl by Ingrid Alexandra
Posted by Ingrid Alexandra in .

I suppose I’ve always written, even as a child, and no matter which other direction life took me in, it was something I always came back to. Like an itch...

Writers and Public Speaking by Olivia Rana
Posted by Olivia Rana in .

In 2012 researchers at Nebraska University carried out a study, which found that public speaking was the most common fear amongst students, ranking higher than hundreds of other fears, including...

The Misadventures of a Mature Student (Part 3) by Katy O’Dowd
Posted by Katy O’Dowd in .

As I was pondering which recollections belonged in my third and final dispatch about my first time at university, NUI Galway before embarking on my portfolio, two lovely uni-related things...

The Misadventures of a Mature Student (Part 2) by Katy O’Dowd
Posted by Katy O'Dowd in .

The last time we spoke, I had finished my first semester and was writing essays. This time, I am writing essays. I am writing essays like I have never written...