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Scroll down to read our articles on who exactly is who in Irish publishing – from agents to editors, state agencies to organisations, this is section is essential reading for anyone new to the industry.

Writing Wisdom by Alana Kirk
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2016 is being hailed as a year to forget but for Irish writing it was one to remember. The year ended at the BGE Book Awards where some unforgettable books...

Finding Your Voice as a Writer by Patricia Caliskan

For most of us, it’s a condition easily treatable with a quick sip of honey and lemon or the kind offer of a Strepsil. Finding your voice sounds like some...

First Rules of #WriteClub by Sarah Hilary
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On New Year’s Day, I decided to share some writing rules and tips on Twitter. By midday, the hashtags #WriteClub and #WriteNow were trending and it had all gone a...

Learning from A Master: Niall William’s Workshop by Alana Kirk
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Some books grab us with plot, while others seduce us with connection, littered with words that seep through our skin and into our minds where they nestle for a while....

A Trumpless Net: The Ian Flitcoft Solution
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Writer Ian Flitcoft is just as appalled by events across the Atlantic as we are here at Writing.ie, and he’s put his skills to good use, as he explained, “My,...

Creativity Collateral: Tyrone Guthrie by Alana Kirk
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Can creativity be taught?  I don’t know.  But can it seep under your skin and and filter into your mind by sheer osmosis?  I think so. Certainly at Tyrone Guthrie...

How to Start a Book Club by Mary Burnham
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Mary Burnham is Dubray Books‘ Book Club Co-ordinator – when we first started Writing.ie, she penned us this excellent article that we felt needed another outing. Based in Dún Laoghaire, Mary...

Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards: Being Shortlisted by Catherine Ryan Howard
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Two Novembers ago, I got to go to the Irish Book Awards ceremony with Writing.ie. It was an amazing night: glitz, glam and a ballroom filled with people who love...

The Fruits of Perseverance by Tanya Farrelly
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After thirteen years of hard work building up my writing CV, it seems that success comes in twos. Last year, I was absolutely thrilled when Alan Hayes, publisher at Arlen...

How to Hook A Kid On a Book! by Geraldine Meade
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I hate the term ‘Reluctant Readers!’ But through my work as a teacher and later as a mother of eight  I’ve come across kids, including my own, who did not...