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All About Crime Writing: Really Useful Links by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

Crime is one of the biggest selling genres in the UK and Irish market and we have seen a massive surge in readers of this genre over the past number...

Author Interviews and Podcasts: Really Useful Links by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

Ryan Turbridy interviews some of the best Irish authors and most people are familiar with his show on RTE Radio 1 (https://www.rte.ie/radio1/podcast/podcast_ryantubridy.xml), but today I wanted to bring you some...

Really Useful Links: Writing Related Podcasts by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

In this week’s Really Useful Links column, I thought I would turn the focus towards podcasts and take a look at some of the wonderful writing related series available. There...

Really Useful Links: Understanding Copyright and Plagiarism by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

For my first, “Really Useful Links” column, I thought it might be useful to focus on some links for Irish authors that deal with copyright and plagiarism. This is a...

How to Write a Book Launch Press Release by Jack Murray
Posted by Jack Murray in , .

Let’s be honest, nobody sets out to write a bland book, so why would you want a lukewarm book launch? In order to achieve that best-seller status you’ll need to...

How to Reach Readers Without Self-Promotion by Orna Ross
Posted by Orna Ross in , .

This blogpost is reproduced with kind permission by Orna Ross from the Alliance of Independent Authors excellent self-publishing blog. Marketeers say the key to promoting a book is to take...

10 Dependable Tips for Freelance Writers to Achieve Success by Danielle Ward
Posted by Danielle Ward in , .

Becoming a freelance writer sounds like the best job in the world. You get your writing assignment, write it, submit it and celebrate as the cash comes in… at least...

Making an Audiobook with ACX by Gary Furlong
Posted by Gary Furlong in .

For the past few years, an important resource for independently creating audiobooks has been the Amazon-owned ACX.  To date over 80,000 audiobooks have been produced via ACX.  Previously only available...

Recommended Books on Writing
Posted by Writing.ie in .

We’re often asked by writers to recommend books on writing , so here are our best buys, all tried and tested, and all recommended by the authors we work with....

Criminal to Miss: Crime Fiction for Christmas by Sam Blake
Posted by Sam Blake in .

It’s incredibly difficult to choose ONLY FIVE of my favourite crime novels from this year but Adrian, our editor and master of content at Writing.ie, said I wasn’t allowed more...