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Make Money From Writing

Creating Content for the Web: A Guide to Professional Writing
Posted by Eve Pearce in , .

Whether you are a fledgling novelist wanting to exercise your literary muscles in between writing your chapters, or a non fiction writer eager to break into the content writing market, professional writing...

Claiming US Royalty Refunds the Easy Way

Anyone who has self published and is selling books in the US is likely to have had up to 30% of their royalties withheld by the US Tax authorities. Registering...

Turning Experience into Dollars
Posted by Caren Kennedy in , .

I don’t know about you, but I find cash helps in the writing game.  Naturally, penning a best-seller is the way to go, but until that happens what else can...

How to Claim Back US Tax on Royalties
Posted by Sally Clements in , .

If you are an author selling books into the American market, you have to have an ITIN number for tax purposes. American publishers previously sent royalty cheques without one, but...

Make Money from Writing
Posted by Beth Stefanik Morrissey in , .

I’m a freelance writer and I make my living earning by writing for the World Wide Web. Here are my 10 tips for making money writing online: The vastness of the internet...