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Really Useful Links: The Making of an Author
Posted by Paul Anthony Shortt in .

Hi there, everyone! This is my first article for Writing.ie, and I hope I can do justice to the excellent work done by my predecessor Paul FitzSimons for the Really...

Tax: Writers’ Business Block! by Frances Brennan
Posted by Frances Brennan in .

We all know that dealing with your tax affairs is a headache at the best of times. Three recurring questions I continually get asked are: Do I qualify for the...

One Big Book Launch – Could It Be Yours?
Posted by in .

Hundreds of thousands of books are published every year, and for the indie author or small press, it is becoming increasingly hard to get your book noticed over the masses....

‘Butterfly Barn’ Success: Selling Your Self Published Book
Posted by Karen Power in .

It’s been 11 weeks and 3 days since Butterfly Barn was launched. It has been a fantastic adventure so far. Leaving our home on the 14th of November last, my...

Getting Famous on the World Wide Web by Martin Boylan
Posted by Martin Boylan in .

The meeting of the directors of a writers organisation had gone on for more than a couple of hours and was just coming to an end. Fair City conditions for...

A Digital Option to Sell Your Book by Sean Farrell
Posted by Sean Farrell in .

Time was choices were restricted. Authors relied on book reviews, displays in bookshops, promotional tours and word of mouth. Ditto for anyone wishing to buy. That still goes on, of...

Learning to Fall With Jonathan Dunne
Posted by Jonathan Dunne in .

Love/Hate has taught us that there is a huge appetite for Dublin gangland stories. Across the board and encompassing all facets of society, Love/Hate roared success. My attention was piqued;...

Virtual Reality Bookstore Inkflash Opens Its Doors
Posted by in .

After a year in development, Virtual Reality (VR) books website Inkflash.com has just opened for business. It’s like the love child of Goodreads and WordPress, with an engaging 3D VR...

Crucial Lessons: The Evolution of a Book Cover by Darren Darker
Posted by Darren Darker in .

They say that hindsight is a great thing. But actually it’s not. It’s a cruel heartless beast that mocks me from my past, but that’s probably just me being bitter....

No 1 Kindle Bestseller Gerry McCullough on How It’s Done
Posted by Gerry McCullough in , .

It’s a long time since I first wrote an article for writing.ie, back in 2011. At that time, Belfast Girls had been published for almost a year and had reached...