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Really Useful Links for Writers: All About Technology
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

If this week I sound like I’m repeating myself, it’s probably because – for the most part anyway – I am. It’s because I’m talking computery-stuff, specifically how it might...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Tropes and Clichés
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

I joked recently on Twitter that I knew how to tell the difference between a cliché and a trope – if shows like Family Guy or The Simpsons parody something,...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Erotic Fiction
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

This material is intended for a mature audience. Right, with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about sex. Or, to be more accurate (and less controversial), let’s talk...

Really Useful Links: The Writing Process
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

We’re just about at the half-way point of this year’s NaNoWriMo and those of you taking part will probably have twenty-five thousand words or close-to written. Finishing a 50K novel...

Creating Content for the Web: A Guide to Professional Writing
Posted by Eve Pearce in , .

Whether you are a fledgling novelist wanting to exercise your literary muscles in between writing your chapters, or a non fiction writer eager to break into the content writing market, professional writing...

Really Useful Links for Horror Writers
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

With Halloween around the corner, it would be remiss of me not to talk about horror this week. I’m also trying (once again) to write a horror story myself so...

New Website for Children’s Books Launched
Posted by in .

A new website dedicated to the joy of children’s books was launched as part of the Children’s Book Festival this year and is going from strength to strength. Including events,...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Feature Writing
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

A couple of weeks back, I was talking about how novelists are unaccustomed to writing to deadline. Journalists, on the other hand, are not only used to it, but embrace...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Your Author Website
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

Last week, I was talking about writing to deadline and what a strange experience it can be is for writers, especially first-time novelists who are accustomed to writing for pleasure,...

Make Your Book More Discoverable on Amazon with Keywords

To increase your book’s discoverability on Amazon, you need descriptions and keywords that accurately portray your book’s content and use the words customers will use when they search. Along with...