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Really Useful Links for Horror Writers
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

With Halloween around the corner, it would be remiss of me not to talk about horror this week. I’m also trying (once again) to write a horror story myself so...

New Website for Children’s Books Launched
Posted by in .

A new website dedicated to the joy of children’s books was launched as part of the Children’s Book Festival this year and is going from strength to strength. Including events,...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Feature Writing
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

A couple of weeks back, I was talking about how novelists are unaccustomed to writing to deadline. Journalists, on the other hand, are not only used to it, but embrace...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Your Author Website
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

Last week, I was talking about writing to deadline and what a strange experience it can be is for writers, especially first-time novelists who are accustomed to writing for pleasure,...

Make Your Book More Discoverable on Amazon with Keywords

To increase your book’s discoverability on Amazon, you need descriptions and keywords that accurately portray your book’s content and use the words customers will use when they search. Along with...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Schedules and Deadlines
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

Yes, the last laugh is on you. Two weeks since my last column (thanks to Mark Brown for stepping into the fold last week) and I’m now back in the...

Organising Your Book Launch: Siobhain Bunni’s Top 10 Tips
Posted by Siobhain Bunni in , .

I’ve been organising my first book launch party since I dotted the last i in my first draft of Dark Mirrors, then called Saving Amy, followed by Ruse before it...

Writing Non Fiction? Internet Resources on Citation
Posted by Mark Brown in .

While Paul FitzSimons enjoys a well earned break, Mark Brown has some useful internet links for you regarding citing sources in non-fiction – this article is written from a US...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Writers Retreats
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

I must admit – by which I mean ‘boast’ – I am, while writing this, also playfully dipping my toe in the swimming pool of an idyllic villa in the...

Louise Phillips: How to Make a Book Trailer
Posted by Louise Phillips in , .

So where do you begin when it comes to creating your own book trailer? I’ve made two trailers for my books Red Ribbons and The Doll’s House, and this is...