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Marketing your Self-Published Book by Maura Byrne
Posted by Maura Byrne in , .

After a few years of half offers from publishers, I was finally presented with a book contract in May 2011 for Bridget in Werewolf Rehab. I was thrilled at first...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Structure
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

I talked a while back about two of the building blocks of any story – character and plot – probably the first elements we think about when we’re starting to...

Really Useful Links…Even More Competitions
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

One of the biggest challenges for any of us, in today’s highly competitive writing world, is to be recognised. We are encouraged, as emerging writers, to create, and then optimise,...

Really Useful Links for Crime Writers
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

If I’m going to talk about specific genres of writing, then the one I should start with is crime. It’s the one I love to read and watch and, of...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Rejection
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

This week (early Monday morning, I’d barely had my coffee), I was harshly reminded of one of the ever-present elements of a writer’s life – rejection. I might joke and...

Really Useful Links for Writers: Radio Drama
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in .

It’s something I tried years ago and keep meaning to go back to it. I talk to writers who love it and wouldn’t write anything else. I’m talking about Radio...

Really Useful Links for Non Fiction Writers
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

I have to admit, I’ve been rather neglectful of one section of the writing community since I’ve doing this column – non-fiction writers. As a genre, ‘Non-Fiction’ throws a net...

Really Useful Links: Plot and Character
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

Back when I was a writing.ie fledgling, I took a look at what’s involved in starting a novel –  concept, structure etc,  and with the recent launch of The National...

Really Useful Links on Agents, Submissions and Getting Published
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in .

It’s New Year Resolution time and for many of us, it’s time to start that new novel we’ve been thinking about. Or if you’re already working on your masterpiece, especially...

New Ways to Promote Your Book: Pinterest
Posted by Marese O'Sullivan in , .

Many authors struggle to promote their books – whether it’s being publicity-shy, not reaching enough readers, or preferring to focus on their writing. However, promotion is part of the package...