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Really Useful Links…the Business of Being a Writer
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in .

With the budget just out, I figured this would be a good time to take a look at the business side of being a writer. There are two sides of...

Really Useful Links for Building Your Author Profile
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in .

Last week, we talked screenwriting and I laid out some basic tips for anyone writing a movie or thinking about starting. This week’s column also applies to screenwriters, in that...

Really Useful Links for…Screenwriters
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

Let’s step away from writing books for this week, shall we, and talk movies. Ireland is punching well above its weight when it comes to screenwriting these days. With some...

Really Useful Links: Marketing Your Book
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in , .

This week, it’s the rather un-sexy but important subject of marketing your book. As the published writer that you’ll soon be, you will have the task of helping to make...

Really Useful Links for Starting Your Novel
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in .

Last week it was self-publishing and all that involved. This week, we’re reversing course to take a look at internet resources that help with actually starting your novel. Concept, structure,...

Really Useful Links for Selfpublishers
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in .

This week, we’re looking at the much talked-about subject of self-publishing  and a wee bit at e-books as well. Laura Pepper Wu always has interesting stuff going on at 30daybooks.com...

Really Useful Links for Writers
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in , .

Keeping pace with Amazon All authors need to keep pace with events at Amazon to ensure their books are on the best possible footing in the global marketplace. This piece...

Six Easy Tips for Digital Promotions, Russell Blake
Posted by Russell Blake in , .

So you’ve finished your magnum opus and are convinced that the world is ready for a genre-busting teen ninja beaver vampire erotica epic or whatnot. You mum has told you...

The Power of Blog Tours
Posted by Kate Kerrigan in , .

When Kate Kerrigan’s novel Ellis island became a bestseller in the Irish/American book charts following it’s launch in the U.S. last year, the bestselling Irish author put it’s success down...

The Essential Elements of a Book Trailer with Cautious Train
Posted by Tom Hughes in .

The book trailer is beginning to gather momentum. It has emerged now as a vital component in a number of contemporary releases, yet the medium remains largely unknown to the...