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Turning Experience into Dollars
Posted by Caren Kennedy in , .

I don’t know about you, but I find cash helps in the writing game.  Naturally, penning a best-seller is the way to go, but until that happens what else can...

Christine Dwyer Hickey, Dermot Bolger & Belinda McKeon on Reader’s Block
Posted by Christine Dwyer Hickey, Dermot Bolger & Belinda McKeon in , .

Christine Dwyer Hickey Novelists are not supposed to be in the spotlight; they should be standing at the helm in the dark behind it, drawing a slow beam across this...

How to Organise a Book Launch
Posted by Christine Mills in , .

Christine Mills was the Senior Book Buyer at Hughes and Hughes beautiful store in Dundrum. Organising a book launch can be daunting for any author or PR company who haven’t...

Cover Story – Translating the Image
Posted by Barry Houlihan in , .

Browsing around your local book shop may be an art in decline. Scrolling around your e-book site and pressing ‘click to buy’ is a relatively new trend and if recent...

How To Self Publish With Create Space
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in .

Catherine Ryan Howard is a blogger and author from Cork, with over 5000 book sales in print and eBook to her name. And she’s self published – or self printed...

How to Pitch a Feature Story
Posted by Georgina Heffernan in .

Before deciding on which story to pitch and who to pitch it to, closely examine your reader’s demographics. Newspapers and magazines differ in style. When pitching a story, writers need...

Seven Towers on Selling Books
Posted by Sarah Lundberg in , .

The Seven Towers Agency is a different type of publisher – a not for profit company with their focus firmly on their authors.  All profits are recycled back into producing their...

How Booksellers Choose Books
Posted by Lyn Crampton in , .

I am the manager of Dubray Books on Grafton Street, which is part of the Dubray chain.  This is a family owned book chain that started as a single shop...

Capitalising on Opportunities
Posted by Noeleen McGrath in , .

Noeleen McGrath is an award-winning television news journalist and media coach based in Chicago. She started out her career in television news as a producer for network news giant CNN,...

How to Write a Blog
Posted by Hazel Gaynor in .

Before writing content for your blog you need to consider what you want to write about, what interests you, why you feel you are qualified to write about it and...