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Conquering the iBooks Market by Ash Davies
Posted by Ashley Davies in , .

The iBooks market is becoming an evermore appealing option to authors. Over 120 million iPads means over 120 million digital bookshelves and, as with most things Apple, that number is...

eBook Pricing: The Inside Track
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in .

Catherine Ryan Howard is one of Ireland’s most successful self publishers, and blogs all about her experiences at Catherine Caffeinated. Here she asks—and attempts to answer—the question, how much should...

Increase Your Odds of Sales Success
Posted by Russell Blake in .

I have made no secret about how difficult it is to make it as a writer. And as an indie author, it’s doubly hard, because you are not only writing,...

Going Digital in Frankfurt
Posted by Patrick Crowley in , .

It is 8.30pm on Friday evening and I have just dropped my case in the hallway, having returned from Frankfurt. I’m wreaked, but still feeling the rush of the book...

Blurb Enhances Ebook Capability
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in , .

For authors wanting to get creative with their childen’s books, how-to or even fiction, Blurb has announced a new version of its easy-to-use eBook editor that allows authors to add video and...

Belfast Girls: Online Bestseller!
Posted by Gerry McCullough in , .

As a very little girl, I had every intention of becoming a writer in the tradition of Charles Dickens or Jane Austen – a bestseller who also had literary status....

The Key to Traffic, Understanding Keywords
Posted by Joel Friedlander in , .

Okay, so you decided to publish your own book (congratulations!) and, following all the advice for indie authors out there, you’ve decided you need a website or a blog. Everyone...

It’s a Brave New Indie World: Russell Blake
Posted by Russell Blake in , .

Amazon is shaking up the playing field again. This time, in a way that has profound implications for indie authors. On or around May 1, it changed its algorithms in...

KDP Select #Free Promotion Strategies
Posted by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin in , .

If you are an eBook author signed with the Amazon Kindle Digital Publishing Select Platform (KDP Select), you will already know about the option to list your book on Amazon...

A Titanic Journey with Hazel Gaynor
Posted by Hazel Gaynor in , .

Unless you live in a very small hole, way underground, it has probably not escaped your notice that it is Titanic centenary week! Although for self-confessed ‘Titanoraks’ like myself, the...