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The Runt #9 Submission Call
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With The Runt Flies at Dusk receding into the rear view mirror of history, we have our gaze (our steely, piercing gaze!) fixed firmly on the future. As it happens,...

The Importance of Rewriting by Caroline Finnerty
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Someone asked me recently how long it had taken me to write my latest novel, My Sister’s Child, and it wasn’t until I stopped and thought about it that I...

The Incubator: Submission Call
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The Incubator is currently open for submissions until the end of September 2015 for the December issue: fiction and essays. The Incubator is a quarterly online literary journal publishing short...

Getting Published in 32 Easy Steps by Kieran Fanning
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Elizabeth Rose Murray recently spoke to Kieran Fanning about how he wrote The Black Lotus, but what she didn’t cover was his path to publication, so here it is, in...

Ploughshares Open for Submissions 3 June – 15 January
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Ploughshares has published quality literature since 1971. Best known for their award-winning Ploughshares literary journal, they also publish Ploughshares Solos—digital-first long stories and essays—and a lively literary blog. Since 1989, they have...

Why do Writers Need to Network? by Darren Darker
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Last week I wrote an article about the benefits of going to book launches. I pontificated about the opportunity to listen to the author tell you about their novel and...

An Editor’s Tips, On Editing with Claire Hennessy
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At the International Literature Festival Dublin earlier this year, one of the panels that took place during the Date With An Agent event focused on editing. Sarah Griffin was there...

A New Ulster Seeking Submissions
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Why A New Ulster? I have been involved in the cultural soul of Northern Ireland since 1993 and involved in the poetry world from 1988 when I designed the logo...

Anomaly Seeking Submissions
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Anomaly Literary Journal was started by Lorcán Black, Roseanna Free and Oliver Tatler. The basis for starting Anomaly was simply that we felt we could try help give a voice to...

Getting to the Heart of the Story with MacGuffin

Multi award-winning independent publisher Comma Press, have launched an innovative digital self-publishing platform for fiction and poetry. It’s rare to see a small independent press break new ground with disruptive...