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The Paperback Bites Back
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in , .

Biting at the heels of the eBook market, a new pocket-sized, ultra-light ”flipback” book has been released by Hodder. For readers who enjoy the feel of a printed novel and...

The New Value Web: The Impact of Digital Distribution
Posted by Eoin Purcell in , .

As digital distribution begins to be felt along the trade publishing value chain, what will emerge is not a NEW VALUE CHAIN as much as a NEW VALUE WEB, an...

Hot Cross Mum – Hazel Gaynor
Posted by Becky Clark in , .

Hazel Gaynor is a blogger and freelance journalist who has recently taken the plunge into ePublishing, here she chats to Becky Clark of DirecteBooks about her life as a writer,...

Original Thinking: The Mammy Diaries
Posted by Orla Shanaghy in , .

Maria Moulton is the author of the just-published Mammy Diaries, a fascinating, in-depth look at pregnancy and motherhood in modern Ireland based on almost three years’ worth of interviews with...

Going It Alone: Self Printing
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin & Catherine Ryan Howard in , .

Sometimes you just know you’ve written a great book – but it’s getting rejected by publishers because it is just too niche for the market – they like it but...

Selling Independently, The Seven Towers Agency
Posted by Sarah Lundberg in , .

The Seven Towers Agency is a different type of publisher – a not for profit company with their focus firmly on their authors.  All profits are recycled back into producing their...

How I Got Published Without an Agent – Derbhile Dromey
Posted by Derbhile Dromey in , .

Two publishing deals were struck in the week running up to Easter 2011. One was splashed all over the media, a €500,000 struck by agent Marianne Gunn O’Connor, the queen...

No One Knows You’re a Backlist Book: Eoin Purcell
Posted by Eoin Purcell in , .

There’s a wonderful New Yorker cartoon from a few years ago by Peter Steiner and it captures an essential truth about the anonymity of the internet, about privacy and much more. The catch line...

eBook Pricing – The Big Debate by Adrian White
Posted by Adrian White in , .

There is a hot debate about eBook pricing – Adrian White, author and bookseller, tells us exactly why he has chosen his pricepoint. Pricing my ebook at $9.99? Am I...

What is Editing?
Posted by Sarah Franklin in , .

Writing the first draft of your book is very often the tip of your iceberg. Before you even get down to the submerged parts (OK, I’ll stop this metaphor now),...