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No One Knows You’re a Backlist Book: Eoin Purcell
Posted by Eoin Purcell in , .

There’s a wonderful New Yorker cartoon from a few years ago by Peter Steiner and it captures an essential truth about the anonymity of the internet, about privacy and much more. The catch line...

eBook Pricing – The Big Debate by Adrian White
Posted by Adrian White in , .

There is a hot debate about eBook pricing – Adrian White, author and bookseller, tells us exactly why he has chosen his pricepoint. Pricing my ebook at $9.99? Am I...

What is Editing?
Posted by Sarah Franklin in , .

Writing the first draft of your book is very often the tip of your iceberg. Before you even get down to the submerged parts (OK, I’ll stop this metaphor now),...

My Journey to ePublishing by Mary Malone
Posted by Mary Malone in , .

My initial introduction to publishing e Books was through the Inkwell Newsletter. Following the latest publishing trend with interest, I decided that if I didn’t keep up and publish some of...

What is Genre? Understanding the Business of Publishing with Mary Malone
Posted by Mary Malone in , .

What is genre? Where will your book fit in the market? What will give it the very best opportunity of being picked up by a publisher? Very briefly – because...

Bob Byrne – Comic Book Hero
Posted by Sarah Downey in , .

Writing.ie got a glimpse into the weird, wonderful and sometimes manic world of comic book genius, Bob Byrne. Bob Byrne is a well-known comic book writer, artist and self-publisher. Born...

Big Sales in a Global Market
Posted by Susanne O'Leary in , .

As I check my sales figures for the past month, I find I have sold close to 1000 e-books in February alone. This is far beyond the expectations I had...

Fresh Approaches to Publishing with Lissa Oliver
Posted by Lissa Oliver in , .

Writers need to have a passion for writing, because readers need to be immersed in that passion when they pick up a story or book. Writing can never be a...

How to Write a Covering Submission Letter
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in .

What is the first thing an agent or publisher sees when they open your submission package? Your covering letter… This is your first point of contact with someone who, potentially,...

How to Publish an eBook
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in , .

For the last few years e-books have been revolutionising the publishing industry. In 2010 Amazon’s e-reading device, the Kindle, became its best-selling (and most gifted) product of all time and...