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Submission Tips

Submitting to Literary Journals by Claire Hennessy
Posted by Claire Hennessy in , .

What Exactly IS a Lit Journal? If you’re writing in shorter forms – poetry, short stories, essays – you might struggle to find an audience for your work. For most...

Editor Scott Pack’s Top Tips

This is just one reason why Twitter has huge value for writers. Editor Scott Pack ( @meandmybigmouth)  of Unbound tweeted this thread of wisdom and solid gold editorial tips –...

Submitting Your Children’s Book by Niamh Garvey
Posted by Niamh Garvey in , .

When submitting a children’s book to an agent or publisher, all the usual guidelines for submitting a book apply – your book document needs to be in Word, double line...

Submissions call from Anomaly Literary Journal
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Anomaly Literary Journal, founded by Lorcán Black, Oliver Tatler, Roseanna Free and Joseph Birdsey, came into being because we wanted to create a literary journal that, from the outset, selected...

How Long Should Your Book Be?
Posted by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin in , .

I give regular seminars to new writers and one of the key issues that arises is word count. Going back into the huge Writing.ie archive, this article might help shed...

Date With an Agent 2016 by Paul Anthony Shortt
Posted by Paul Anthony Shortt in , .

I was one of the 75 lucky authors selected to pitch their work at this year’s Date With an Agent. This was in conjunction with the Getting Published conference, organised...

Writing Through Rejection by Niamh Garvey
Posted by Niamh Garvey in , .

During a panel of agents at the Cork World Book Festival, Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin asked Polly Nolan (Greenhouse Literary Agency) and Simon Trewin (WME) what was the biggest reason for...

Why Attending Festival Events is SO Important by Olivia Hope
Posted by Olivia Hope in , .

CORK WORLD BOOK FESTIVAL: AGENTS PANEL – Saturday, April 23rd 2016 “People with passion can change the world”– Steve Jobs Hungry ears. A more common phenomenon than you might imagine; when...

Cutting the Odds on the Long Journey to Publication by Adrian White
Posted by Adrian White in , , .

In 2009, I attended a book launch and found myself talking to an exotic, foreign woman (like you do), who introduced herself as Svetlana Pironko, a Russian living in Paris...

Getting Noticed: The Key Features of a Great Book by Mary Malone
Posted by Mary Malone in , .

There are many factors that make a book great, here bestselling Poolbeg author Mary Malone summarises  her tips for success. If you are nearing the submission stage, use this as...