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‘Improving’ Oscar Wilde: To Hell in a Handbag by Jonathan White
Posted by Jonathan White in .

It started – as many momentous things do – with a throwaway remark. Helen Norton and myself – friends for 20 years – frequently bemoaned the shortsightedness of theatre companies...

Writing Great Plays: Really Useful Links by Ellen Brickley

You don’t need to look very far to find plays that have changed the world. Ireland has an especially strong theatrical tradition, including greats like Wilde, Shaw, Synge and Beckett,...

How to Write a Play: Imagining Liam by David Scott
Posted by David Scott in .

I would like to preface with a word about Company D Theatre. This theatre company was built by actors looking to learn how to create new theatre and new interpretations...

Surviving Stand-up, Finding Empathy & Asking WHY? Ross Browne
Posted by Ross Browne in .

More important than a nice font, layout and timbre, characters with backstory, plot twists and cliffhangers are vital to story. Even more crucial to a great story is a tool...

Making the Character Live: Caoimhe Cassidy on NOLA AND THE CLONES
Posted by Caoimhe Cassidy in .

The first time I read Nola’s monologue in preparation to make my self tape, I was completely fascinated by her character. Serious topics up for discussion.. homelessness, social class and...

So You Want To Write A Play? Philip St John Explains How
Posted by Philip St. John in .

Philip St John’s latest play Temptress opens at the Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray later this week and goes on to The New Theatre. The Daily Mail have made it one...

Robert McKee: Story: Style, Structure, Substance
Posted by Niamh O'Connor in .

When he first moved to LA as a fledgling screenwriter, Robert McKee got work analysing screenplay submissions. “The report I wrote over and over again went like this,” he explains...

How to Make a Feature Film By Ferdia Mac Anna
Posted by Ferdia MacAnna in .

In May of last year, at the age of 58, I directed my first feature film. Not bad for a fossil. A new career beckons or possibly a swan song....

Making Snow Angels: Christine Dwyer Hickey
Posted by Christine Dwyer Hickey in .

A writer puts a word on a page and it becomes something else. The words – snow, blood, hair, for example – once typed, begin to quicken with possibility. Should...

Making the Most of Open Rehearsed Play Readings by Sheena Lambert
Posted by Sheena Lambert in .

It’s amazing what can be right under your nose without you knowing it’s there. I’ll admit that I only became aware of the practice of open rehearsed play readings recently,...