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Here we aim to give you solid tips and advice to improve your writing from a wide range of Irish authors.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, scripts or poetry we hope that you will find articles here to guide and inspire you. If you have queries on a topic we haven't covered here, drop us an email or post your question on our members blog where you will find help and support from other writers.

All About Crime Writing: Really Useful Links by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

Crime is one of the biggest selling genres in the UK and Irish market and we have seen a massive surge in readers of this genre over the past number ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Hinterland Magazine
Posted by writing.ie in , .

Hinterland is a new quarterly, print and digital magazine, based in the University of East Anglia, dedicated to creative non-fiction. Hinterland offers an answer to the question ‘what is creative ...continue reading >>

So, You Wanna be a Poet? by Peadar O’Donoghue
Posted by Peadar O'Donoghue in , .

The difficult second album. If, like me, you don’t get your first collection published ‘til you are fifty years old, then you have a whole lot of life to go ...continue reading >>

Screenwriting: Why and When Writers Must Go Dark by Alan Taylor
Posted by Alan Taylor in , .

Alan Taylor has taught screenwriting in the UK., the EU, and South Africa since graduating from the London (International) Film School. This article summarizes one outstanding hurdle that blocks writers ...continue reading >>

Author Interviews and Podcasts: Really Useful Links by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

Ryan Turbridy interviews some of the best Irish authors and most people are familiar with his show on RTE Radio 1 (https://www.rte.ie/radio1/podcast/podcast_ryantubridy.xml), but today I wanted to bring you some ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Redivider Literary Journal
Posted by writing.ie in , .

Launched in 1986, Redivider is a literary journal produced by the graduate students in the Writing, Literature, and Publishing program at Emerson College in the vibrant literary hub of Boston. ...continue reading >>

The Creative Process: On Writing Magic by Rachel Rueckert
Posted by Rachel Rueckert in , .

Hands down, one of the best parts of being Anam Cara’s director is getting to know the writers- and artists-in-residence and their work. They have taught me and each other much ...continue reading >>

Setting Up a Travel Writing Blog by Kristen Klepac
Posted by Kristen Klepac in , , .

Shock and dismay where what I faced when I announced my move to Eastern Europe. Most of my family and friends didn’t even know where Poland was on a map ...continue reading >>

Really Useful Links: Writing Related Podcasts by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

In this week’s Really Useful Links column, I thought I would turn the focus towards podcasts and take a look at some of the wonderful writing related series available. There ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Wisconsin Review
Posted by writing.ie in , .

Submissions deadline: open Wisconsin Review publishes both new and established authors of outstanding poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. We publish biannually in the spring and fall. Wisconsin Review retains First North ...continue reading >>