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Here we aim to give you solid tips and advice to improve your writing from a wide range of Irish authors.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, scripts or poetry we hope that you will find articles here to guide and inspire you. If you have queries on a topic we haven't covered here, drop us an email or post your question on our members blog where you will find help and support from other writers.

How Writing (thankfully!) Makes Failures Out of Us All by Alana Kirk
Posted by Alana Kirk in .

I don’t know a single writer who hasn’t failed. Yet the only writers I know have succeeded. What I’ve learned from being a published author of a bestselling memoir, as ...continue reading >>

Getting Your First Short Fiction Published by Amanda Geard
Posted by Amanda Geard in , .

Has short fiction ever looked at you coquettishly? Ever given you a wink? Ever said, Hey, you! You with the infeasibly large notebook collection. You, whose head is full of ...continue reading >>

Adapting a Classic for Children by Katherine Woodfine
Posted by Katherine Woodfine in , .

Awesomely Austen: Rewriting Pride and Prejudice for today’s young readers I was twelve when I discovered Jane Austen for the first time. Andrew Davies’ superb adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, ...continue reading >>

First Person Point of View for Authors: Really Useful Links by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

One of the biggest questions I see asked by new writers is what point of view to use, so over the next couple of weeks, this is the topic I’m ...continue reading >>

Pitching from the Pulpit: Preparing for a Public Reading by Robert Craven
Posted by Robert Craven in , .

Situated along the River Liffey, past the Temple Bar area of Dublin stands Smock Alley Theatre. Founded in 1662 as a Theatre Royal (the only one ever built outside of London) ...continue reading >>

Writing for Computer Games and Virtual Reality by Ray Ronan
Posted by Ray Ronan in .

Why would any novelist want to diversify, to reach out into other writing media such as Film, Games, Comics and Virtual Reality? I don’t know about you, but the idea ...continue reading >>

How to Make A Writer Feel Uncomfortable at a Book Festival by Jan Carson
Posted by Jan Carson in .

So, you’re hosting a book festival/reading/literary event of some ilk and you’d like to invite some of your favourite writers. Follow these ten handy tips to be absolutely sure they ...continue reading >>

NaNoWriMo Tips and Advice For Authors: Really Useful Links by Amanda J Evans
Posted by Amanda J Evans in , .

It’s November and for many writers around the world it means a month of non-stop writing. Yes, it’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), where writers everywhere take on the challenge ...continue reading >>

My Writing Process by Lucy Clarke
Posted by Lucy Clarke in , .

Lucy Clarke’s debut novel, The Sea Sisters, hit the ground running with multiple foreign rights sales as well as becoming a Richard & Judy Book Club Choice. You can read ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Los Angeles Review
Posted by Writing.ie in , .

Submissions deadline: open The Los Angeles Review, an annual print and online literary journal established in 2003, is the voice of Los Angeles, and the voice of the nation. With ...continue reading >>