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Here we aim to give you solid tips and advice to improve your writing from a wide range of Irish authors.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, scripts or poetry we hope that you will find articles here to guide and inspire you. If you have queries on a topic we haven't covered here, drop us an email or post your question on our members blog where you will find help and support from other writers.

Chasing the Dream of Becoming a Writer by Susan Ryan
Posted by Susan Ryan in , .

In the film, Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner observes that, “It would kill some men to get so close to their dream and not touch it”. He’s talking to an ...continue reading >>

On Being a Writer by Roisin Meaney
Posted by Roisin Meaney in , .

Writing books was never an ambition of mine. At various times in my youth I wanted to be a vet, a firefighter and a dentist. I ended up becoming a ...continue reading >>

Creating Tension in Writing: Toxic by Jacqui Rose
Posted by Jacqui Rose in .

One of the important aspects of creating a really good page turner is to make sure you have a sense of suspense and tension all the way through, so the ...continue reading >>

Using a Pen Name: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt
Posted by Paul Anthony Shortt in , .

Some of the most renowned authors in history worked under pen names. George Elliott, Dr. Seuss, Mark Twain, even J.K. Rowling. All saw a need to use a different name ...continue reading >>

Formal Publishing v Self-Publishing by Moire O’Sullivan
Posted by Moire O'Sullivan in , .

There is something prestigious about having your book formally published. Signing a publishing contract can feel profoundly satisfying. To some, the self-publishing alternative can seem like abject failure, an option ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Light and Dark Magazine
Posted by Writing.ie in , .

Submissions deadline: Ongoing May 1 – June 15: Issue 4 will be released on July 15, 2018 July 1 – August 15: Issue 5 will be released on September 15, ...continue reading >>

Building Your Writing Life with Indulgeinwriting by Sharon Thompson
Posted by Sharon Thompson in , .

#Indulgeinwriting is literally online at your finger-tips day and night. If you are new to writing it can be daunting. Where do you start? Start with us and we will ...continue reading >>

Making Sense of Tense: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt
Posted by Paul Anthony Shortt in , .

One of the most popular articles from our archives: Not many first-time authors pay much consideration to deciding what tense to write in. Exactly which tense an author feels most ...continue reading >>

Why All Authors Should Consider Doing a Blog Tour by Nick Jones
Posted by Nick Jones in .

When I published my debut children’s picture book Sarah’s Shadow in December last year, it didn’t occur to me to do a blog tour. I assumed it would be out ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Storgy Kids Magazine
Posted by Writing.ie in , .

Submissions Deadline: Open Storgy Kids is an online magazine for children and young people. It was started by a bunch of kids who unfortunately had to turn into grown-ups. We ...continue reading >>

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