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Bay Tales: The Importance of Building a Writing Community

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Bay Tales

Simon Bewick/Vic Watson 

Bay Tales is the brand-new project from the team behind Virtual Noir at the Bar.  Launched at the beginning of November, Bay Tales is a new concept which brings written fiction and non-fiction together with virtual and physical events to offer ‘Friends of the Bay’ members access to some of the biggest and best authors working today.

Fresh from Virtual Noir at the Bar – a weekly lockdown live fiction event held virtually which featured over 220 authors in crime and mystery writing, the team believe Bay Tales will offer even more for lovers of reading and writing.

Simon Bewick, one half of Bay Tales says, “We want to offer all the quality and fun our thousands of subscribers liked with VNatB, but to do even more – and we’ve got some exciting ideas on how to do that.”

That may not sound like an easy task, given that VNatB has been announced as a finalist in Futurebook’s Event of the Year, but the team are confident.

“We’re going to be offering new fiction and non-fiction,” Simon says. “Much of it exclusive, every single week. We’ve already had over 60 authors – from bestsellers to the most exciting emerging talents – who want to have their work featured. We’re working with publishers – both mainstream and specialist independents — to provide special offers and incredible events starting in January.” Although the events will be virtual at first due to current conditions, the pair hope to get physical versions up and running as soon as they can. And there’s more – Simon says members can benefit from “a forum to talk about what they’re reading and writing, exclusive special offers from carefully selected suppliers…and all for what we believe is the lowest annual membership scheme around, with events costing less than a cup of coffee..”

Bay Tales will follow the ethic of VNatB in the championing of small business – both publishers and suppliers, and while there is a whole range of superstar names scheduled to appear – live on the site–  it’s also important to Simon and Vic Watson – the other half of Bay Tales, to support new writers.

As Vic says, “I know people were impressed with what we offered with Virtual Noir at the Bar, but Bay Tales is taking it to the next level. I’m really excited about the authors we’ve got scheduled to work with us in 2021.”

Early subscribers to Friends of the Bay, Bay Tales membership programme, can join before 31st December for just £25 a year. Visit the website at www.baytales.com for more information.

(c) Simon Bewick/Vic Watson

Simon Bewick: I have worked in publishing for almost three decades – 25 years with Oxford University Press, including more than ten years as Global Head of Digital Marketing and, since moving back to my native North East, as an independent marketing consultant where I have worked with a wide range of publishers, FMCGs, Charities, Educational Providers and more with everything from brand development, marketing planning, web visioning, digital campaign creation and more. You can find out more about what I do professionally at my business website here. I came on board to help Vic when she was looking to turn Noir at the Bar into a virtual event back in April and we’re looking forward to working together to bring you our new venture, Bay Tales. As an aspiring writer and voracious reader myself, I know what I like in fiction and hope you’ll enjoy some of the things we have planned too!

Vic Watson: I run my own proofreading, copy-editing and Creative Writing business. I’m an award-winning writer with a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I started running Noir at the Bar (Newcastle Chapter) in 2016, and have hosted over 220 authors from around the world during our 22 week run of Virtual Noir at the Bar.



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Bay Tales is the brand new venture from the team behind Virtual Noir at the Bar.
They’re looking to bring you the best in fiction – whether you’re a reader, an author (established or hopeful) or a bit of both! We’ve got some big plans in the pipeline – both online and offline … we’re starting off with what we know best – virtual events – but there’s a lot more to come…!
If you’re looking for help with your own marketing, writing or event activity, they are available for consultancy.
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