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Building a Writing Community: Shop Irish Writers Facebook Group by Yvonne Brewer

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Shop Irish Writers

Yvonne Brewer

Shop Irish Writers came about when I decided to start a Facebook group for Irish writers to showcase their writing, their books, their Facebook pages or blogs. I felt that as a new writer myself that I needed some positive inspiration and being able to see the products of writers’ labour listed in a group gives a sense of pride and confidence which I feel is very important to all writers.

I have been in a few online writers groups that discussed the process of writing and tips and challenges. Such groups are very supportive and helpful. For me right now I felt that a focus on the product rather than the process was needed.

Personally I think that Irish people can be their own best critics. We need to be our best supporters as well.

The group is open to everyone with an interest in writing or reading. The main aim of the group is to provide a space where Irish writers of all genres can share their work and let people know where and how they can buy their books. This gives readers and book lovers a chance to see the work of Irish writers in one place. The main rule really is that the only people who can post their work in the group are Irish writers living in Ireland or anywhere in the world.

In the first four weeks that the group has existed we have over 300 members and a very talented library of books has developed from the Irish writers who have shared their work in the group. Children’s books, adult and children’s poetry books, books in the Irish language, horror, thriller stories, history and historical fiction, crime fiction, disability awareness, social inclusion, spirituality, science fiction, mystery, romance, erotic novels, gothic fiction, biographies are some of the categories of writing in the group so far. There is such a variety and depth to the talent of Irish writers I have been completely stunned!

New members are very welcome. Writers and keen readers and book lovers along with publishers or illustrators are all welcome.

I am not an expert in writing or publishing but am happy to create a space where Irish writers can come together to support each other and promote and take pride in their creations.

I’m a forty seven year old Mum who likes to write when I get the chance. I am kept busy with two sons and as full time carer to my teenage son living with a chronic illness that currently has no treatment or cure. My background, qualifications and main work experiences have been in community work and adult education. Motherhood and my children’s needs have taken me away from working outside the home. Having the Shop Irish Writers Facebook Group personally gives me a chance to relax and connect with others who have the same love of writing, books and creativity.

In 2013 I self published a book of pregnancy mediations called Breathe & Bloom: Soul Mother Mediations. This was inspired by my pregnancies and birthing experiences. In 2018 I self published my first poetry book called Twigs. Both are avaliable on Amazon.

I also have a new poetry book turning around inside of me for the last few years. I’m greatly drawn to and moved by the sadness and losses in Ireland’s past such as the trauma and pain of those who experienced Mother and Baby Homes for example. I believe that such trauma is carried forward until we accept and deal with it. This type of theme is running through my next book of poetry “The story stones and wishing bones”. I just need more time and energy to write it and hope 2021 will help it emerge.

I think there are are so many people like me out there. With books inside us believing we can’t write them, thinking we aren’t part of the right clique or haven’t done enough creative writing courses. The kitchen sink or clothes line are my main poetry circles. Having the Shop Irish Writers Group helps remind me that it’s possible to publish a book and keeps me grounded in my interests. I’d like to think that I’m creating a group that will help inspire creativity in new writers and give a sense of belonging. The inspiration and pool of creative ideas that the Shop Irish Writers Group has so far formed is certainly making 2021 very promising for Irish writing.

(c) Yvonne Brewer

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About Twigs:
TWIGS is the first book of poetry by Irish writer Yvonne Brewer whose writing is hugely influenced by the simple but extraordinary, everyday, mindful moments experienced in life in an Irish countryside.
Order your copy online here.

Connect with Yvonne at
www.facebook.com/yswords or https://yvonneswords.wordpress.com/

About the author

Yvonne Brewer is originally from County Offaly and lives in Cork, Ireland and has had poetry published since 2014 with Women’s Spiritual Poetry, including in their fourth anthology “Goddess: When She Rules: Expressions of Contemporary Women”. (Dec 2017).
Motherhood has taken her down a very creative path and her writing is greatly influenced by her children, her dreams, nature and fairies.
In 2013 Yvonne self published an e-book called “Breathe and Bloom.Soul Mother Meditations”
Prior to Motherhood , Yvonne studied in University College Cork graduating in 1994 with a Degree in Social Science and in 1996 with a Masters in Social Science (Youth and Community Work) Her career path lead her towards working in jobs such as a Lecturer in Adult Education, being involved in communities as a community development worker and after school services for children.
In recent times she practices Reflexology and teaches English. But mostly she is an inventive Mum with two sons sourcing the best foods and recipes for children with food intolerance. She spends most of her time in her East Cork kitchen cooking, chalk painting furniture and writing poetry and sometimes all at the same time and is rarely without her best friend, a cup of tea.

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