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Building Your Writing Life with Indulgeinwriting by Sharon Thompson

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Sharon Thompson

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#Indulgeinwriting is literally online at your finger-tips day and night. If you are new to writing it can be daunting. Where do you start? Start with us and we will all continue to learn and grow together. 

If you’ve been writing for a while, investing in your writing is something you might need and #Indulgeinwriting offers you the space to do that. If you are established, and need a forum to stay in touch with readers and emerging writers to give back or continue to grow as a writer – #Indulgeinwriting might be the place for you.

We will strive to give you the confidence and tools to reach your own goals in your writing life. 


‘The group is a real insight into the writing world and what it takes to be successful along with great encouragement, feedback, and support for every step of the way.’ Amanda J Evans.

‘I am a newbie to the writing world and have found Indulgeinwriting to be a tremendous support, offering guidance and invaluable information every step of the way. The webinars with established authors and writing professionals have been an immeasurable help to newbies like myself. Indulgeinwriting is a community of people within the writing world who are so generous with their wisdom across the board. All in all a friendly platform of encouragement, support and information, does it get better than that?’ Hilary Connors.

Our Monthly Mentor for May was Sheila Forsey, Irish Time Best-selling author of Mending Lace, says, ‘I am thrilled to be involved. Look forward to getting to know everyone and see where you all are in your writing life. The support and friendship from other authors has been a huge inspiration to me. Thank you Sharon for the inclusion.’

#Indulgeinwriting is for you, If you are looking to;

  • Build your writing life
  • Join an online writing group of established and establishing writers,
  • Hear, see and learn new writing skills
  • Have links, support and advice on how to get writing.
  • Get access to monthly mentors 
  • Write and be with others who get writing

indulgeinwriting.com and this trailer will give you a sense of what #Indulgeinwriting is:

We will cover as many forms of writing as we can. Short stories, non-fiction, features writing, articles, copywriting, memoir, screenplays, children’s fiction, young adult, historical, romance… Whatever your genre, we will try to provide and find experts to interact with for our #Indulgeinwriting members. 

When you join #Indulgeinwriting you will have exclusive access to;

  • Your one stop shop for everything to keeping your writing life on track.
  • Daily tweets and Facebook contact with a like-minded group of writers.
  • Your profiles will be shared and promoted on a writing website (if you wish).
  • Your writing news will be promoted for free and often.
  • Weekly writing evening/morning Indulgences. Times to chat, say where your writing is going and exchange writing/reading material.
  • Constant writing prompts, accountability and opinions daily.
  • Fortnightly tweet-chats on writing for an assigned hour, reminders and further information.
  • Sessions with our monthly mentors. These will be established writers and experts.
  • Frequent, free digital magazine on writing, books and lots more.
  • Interviews with successful writers/scouts/industry people.
  • Links to articles, advice and tips.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Establish or grow your Social Media networks.

As it is a paid membership #Indulgeinwriting is only €50 for 6 months. (from now/1st June until the 31st December 2018). 

Contact #Indulgeinwriting on our contacts page on indulgeinwriting.com or @sharontwriter on twitter or indulgeinwriting@gmail.com

This is a new group, so we are small but developing quickly and we would love for you to be part of this new initiative. 

Other features that you will enjoy on #Indulgeinwriting are;

  • Our monthly mentors open question and answers session, but they can stay on the forum to lend advice and support in the following months. 
  • There will be podcasts, regular recorded interviews, guest blog posts, and regular book news and links. 
  • Writing contests within the group.
  • A designated monthly read for the group and discussions on the latest published books. 
  • Recorded expert panel discussions.
  • The prospect of face-to-face events and meetings in the future. 

And to give you an idea of what will be on offer on #Indulgeinwriting…. 

This is our first recorded interview with a writing expert. It is with Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, who is founder of The Inkwell Group, a publishing consultancy and also of this hugely popular national writing resources website, Writing.ie. Vanessa is also Ireland’s leading literary scout who has assisted many award winning authors and best-selling authors to publication. Vanessa’s video with #Indulgeinwriting is freely available to showcase some of the content that #Indulgeinwriting members will have exclusive assess to in the future. 

Vanessa is also #1 Best-selling author under her pseudonym Sam Blake. The third in her trilogy, ‘No Turning Back’, is out on May 17th. On #Indulgeinwriting you can be as passive or active as you like. Sit back and observe the material or engage with the group, it is entirely up to you. Make #Indulgeinwriting your time and space for writing.

The founder of #Indulgeinwriting is Sharon Thompson, who also established #Indulgeinbooks slot for the stylish lifestyle  magazine women’s website indulgeme.ie. Sharon launched her debut novel The Abandoned in January 2018 at #1 Best-seller on Amazon, and signed for a further two crime novels with her publisher, Bloodhound Books UK. Her short stories are published in literary magazines and she writes a column for DonegalWoman.ie. Her trending, writing tweet-chat #WritersWise with Dr Liam Farrell, has successful guest-hosts on to chat about their genre and various topics on Thursday evenings 9-10pm. www.writerswise1.wordpress.com and her own website sharontwriter.com shows she is immersed in the writing industry and will offer lots to the members of this new initiative. 

(c) Sharon Thompson

About The Abandoned:

Do you love crime thrillers full of suspense? Then you’ll love Sharon Thompson’s unmissable debut.

Peggy Bowden has not had an easy life. As a teenager, her mother was committed to an asylum and then a local priest forced her into an abusive marriage. But when her husband dies in an accident Peggy sees an opportunity to start again and trains as a midwife.

In 1950s Dublin it is not easy for a woman to make a living and Peggy sees a chance to start a business and soon a lucrative maternity home is up and running.

But when Peggy realizes that the lack of birth control is an issue for women, she uses their plight as a way to make more money. Very soon Peggy is on the wrong side of the law.

What makes a woman decide to walk down a dark path? Can Peggy ever get back on the straight and narrow? Or will she have to pay for her crimes?

Set against the backdrop of Ireland in the 1950’s The Abandoned tells the story of one woman’s fight for survival and her journey into the underbelly of a dangerous criminal world.

The Abandoned is a debut novel not to be missed, it will appeal to fans of authors like Cara Hunter, Joy Ellis and Helen Fields.

Order your copy online here.

About the author

Sharon Thompson’s debut crime novel, ‘The Abandoned’ was published by Bloodhound Books UK on 25th Jan 2018. It launched at #1 in Kindle Irish Crime Fiction. Bloodhound have signed her for a further two crime novels and some of her other manuscripts are on submission, through her agent Trace Literary Agency. Sharon lives in Donegal, Ireland and writes crime fiction, short stories and commercial fiction. She is a member of Imagine, Write, Inspire a writing group, under the mentorship of HarperCollins and Irish Times best-selling author, Carmel Harrington. Her blog and free digital magazine are available on her website. Sharon’s short stories have been published in various on-line magazines and she writes anything she can! Co-founder of #WritersWise, a trending, fortnightly, promotional tweet-chat, Sharon tries to support writers to reach as wide an audience as possible and learn from their guest-hosts (www.writerswise1.wordpress.com). On Sunday mornings, Sharon’s regular column is on Woman’s Words with Donegal Woman website and Facebook. http://www.donegalwoman.ie/author/sharon-thompson/ Sharon also founded #Indulgeinbooks on stylish woman’s website, Indulgeme.ie https://indulgeme.ie/indulgeinbooks-7-new-books-may-2018/ Find Sharon on http://www.sharontwriter.com

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