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Collaboration is Key: The Big Book Project by ER Murray

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ER Murray

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The Big Book Project first came to my attention, when I saw a call-out from @ohhiimjosh on Twitter a couple of months ago, asking for people to write reviews of Young Adult and Middle Grade books. It sounded pretty cool; a collaborative project focusing on all things books and reading, with a focus on honest and interesting content. Content that would matter to people who love to read these kind of books – whatever their age.

A couple of months later, and the site is explosive, packed with writer interviews, Q&A’s, and book reviews across Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction. Some of my personal highlights are a conversation with Abi Elphinstone, a Q&A with award-winning Irish author Louise O’Neill, and a cute post on why reading Middle Grade books is good for you (even if you’re not a kid on the outside any more).

Just as the call-out promised, the content is fresh, honest, well written, and beautifully presented – and the updates are regular enough to keep your interest but not so often that it bombards you with information overload. As for the audience, it’s aimed at people of any age,

So, what exactly is the Big Book Project and who is the brains and brawn behind it? I spoke to Joshua A. P, the instigator of the project to find out…

‘The Big Book Project is a new book blog where there’s a team of book lovers who have teamed up and created a site where we review books, talk about them and just try and have fun with it!’ he explained.

Joshua had seen many different projects about books but none of them had much of a collaborative side to them. ‘I wanted to set up something to connect with fellow book lovers both within and outside of the project, and I think we’ve done this pretty successfully so far,’ he explained. ‘Whilst I founded the project I like to consider it as a collective project – so we’re all the brains and brawn behind it.’

And with regular posts from well-known book bloggers such as Megan from The Book Addicted Girl, and Georgia from Teen Book Hoots, as well as many other less frequent contributors adding to the site on a less frequent scale, I’d agree that the site has so far successfully achieved its aim. And it’s the collaborative quality that gives the blog a truly dynamic edge.

As Joshua explains, ‘What makes the Big Book Project different from other book review sites is simply that we’re collaborative and we’re not just a review site. Any excuse to do something book related, we will take it!’

After such a fine start, I’m excited to see how the project develops. Joshua says that the direction is uncertain as the site is so changeable – but because they’re always open to ideas, expecting the unexpected is what keeps things exciting.

‘Since our launch we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming people onto the project and also saying goodbye to some as well. We want to keep doing the best job we can and are constantly on the lookout for new contributors and fresh ideas.’

So if you love Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction and you’d like to get involved with the Big Book Project check out bigbookproject.co.uk

(c) ER Murray

About the author

Elizabeth Rose Murray lives in rural Ireland where she fishes, grows her own vegetables and lives for adventures and words. Her children’s trilogy, Nine Lives, is to be published by Mercier Press, with Book 1 scheduled for summer 2015. Elizabeth has had poetry and short fiction published in journals across the UK and Ireland, and has been shortlisted for several awards for her writing including Francis McManus Short Story and Aesthetica Creative Works competitions.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @ERMurray, Facebook: ERMurray.Author or visit her Green Fingered Writer blog to find out what she’s up to next.

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