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Danielle Ward

Danielle Ward

In a world where artificial intelligence is out to automate all laborious and repeatable tasks, creativity becomes one of the most invaluable skills to possess for humans. Writers, in spite of the competition, can judiciously target specific channels and start earning for their skill. From blog monetization via advertisements or affiliate marketing to writing and selling ebooks, from building a reputation on freelance writing job boards to guest posting and ghostwriting, we will cover it all. The tips below will help you jump start a side hustle where you can earn money for crafting content and can slowly build on the baseline to transform writing into a significant income stream.

Start publishing posts on your blog

The very first step to making money online begins with a blog. Writing a blog can catapult you into a phase where you can earn a full-time income working on things you love.

Firstly, pick a niche that you love and create content in a way that helps solve your readers’ problems. Here’s how you identify traffic-worthy topics:

  • Use tools like Google Trends to find out which topics your readers are interested in
  • Use resources such as Quora and AnswerThePublic to understand the questions your audience has
  • Subscribe to related niches on YouTube and social media channels to stay in the thick of things

Once you start creating informative content and become an informational hub for your readers in a particular niche, you can then earn an income by placing ads on your blog.

One of the downfalls of this method is the fact that it does take a while before you can start earning a reliable amount as income. Blogging requires you to be consistent with your posting schedule so as to build a loyal following. Therefore, patience is key if you wish to earn an income through a blog.

Sign up on Freelance Websites

There are numerous freelance websites online that connect you with clients who are looking for freelance content developers. If you enjoy writing content on a vast variety of topics, then this could be an exciting way to earn additional income whilst also pursuing a full-time job.

One of the best perks of signing up to websites is the fact that you get to decide the workload you’d like to take on, which makes writing enjoyable and keeps the dreaded writer’s block at bay.

Where to Look for Content Jobs?

Upwork is the most obvious among the mainstream freelance job portals. With more than 1.5 million registered clients, you can be sure that there will be regular work. Also, the world of choices is expansive here – project based, hourly wage based, entry level, advanced, technical, research-based writing – everything’s available.

IWriter is another great platform, whose screening process appeals to seasoned writers, who can then connect to esteemed clients. You begin by taking an evaluation, based on which you are assigned an iWriter rating, based on which your pay scale is also decided.

Freelancer is a great platform for those who don’t mind undertaking contests to showcase their mettle. For writers with supreme confidence in their abilities, this is a quick way to gain visibility, and hence start on premium projects.

Also check out Craiglist and Guru; these platforms are old now and enjoy loyal clientele that doesn’t prefer any other platform. Tap into this niche audience via these two platforms.

Answer Surveys – A Low-Effort Part Time Money Making Idea

Writing for many hours a day is tiring for your brain. One of the best ways to refresh your mind without losing out on your passive income is by filling out surveys. Not only is it a simple and straightforward way to earn a few bucks, it also helps companies with their research and development. Many surveys offer open ended questions, where your writing skills will come in handy. Your answers can help companies customize their products to appeal to their target audiences better.

Write a guest post for bloggers and online publications

Online publications are constantly looking out for writers who have a fresh take on different topics. If you find that your writing style matches that of a website that you enjoy reading, you can pitch some content ideas to them and send some samples. Being a regular contributor on such websites can help bring in a steady stream of passive income.

Concluding Remark

If words drive you and the idea of transforming your thoughts into tastefully crafted sentences fills you with joy, then opting for these simple and easy ways to get paid for writing will help you get started with earning a reliable passive income. Once you find what works well for you, you can also pursue it full-time and make it into a thriving career, doing what you love every day.

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