Creating Characters You Love by Faith Hogan

I’m not sure that I love every character I’ve ever written, actually, back in the day of trying my hand at crime fiction, there were a few that I distinctly did not like at all. Funnily enough, you’d expect that the people you really wouldn’t like would be the murderers, the abductors, the serial liars – not always so. It was those characters, that I wrote, whom in the first flourish of the pen, appeared to be so together, so contained, so wonderfully able to work within the constraints of the genre. It turned out that most of these were either extremely formulaic or flat as a pancake. The worst, were those written as a sort of personal therapy. Oh yes, I too have written a boss I didn’t like as a Chief Superintendent with a cocaine habit and a body odour problem that made me giggle at first and … Continue reading Creating Characters You Love by Faith Hogan