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Donal Conaty’s Guide to Book Trailers

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Donal Conaty

The Eighty-Five Billion Euro Man is here to save Ireland from the Irish! Can he sort out our finances before it’s too late, or is his mission doomed before it even begins?

When Ajai Chopra and his gang of grey suits from the IMF roll into town, questions are asked at the Department of Finance. Why does everyone do their sums in their heads? Why is Mystic Meg listed on the payroll as a consultant? And why does the country appear to be down to its last fiver? One unfortunate bean counter is left behind to clean up the mess.

As the country edges ever closer to bankruptcy, he is forced to deal with a cast of senior civil servants and politicians whose bubble has yet to burst. Chief among them is Dermot Mulhearn, head honcho at the Department of Finance. He presided over the boom and he’s in no humour to give up his perks now that the Celtic Tiger is dead and buried. Whether it’s dining out in Michelin-star restaurants or taking the government jet to Rome for Bunga Bunga parties, Dermot still feels he deserves a treat or ten. And he just got another €85 billion to play with.

Everyone seems to know that we are where we are, but nobody has any idea how we got here. Will Taoiseach Enda stand up to Europe and demand a better bailout? Can Paddy, Enda’s imaginary friend, save the day before Enda realises he doesn’t exist?

Donal Conaty’s The Eight-Five Billion Euro Man is a brilliant satirical account of the crash, but as any author will tell your today, the hard work doesn’t end when the writing is finished – promoting a book is a vital part of the process. Donal told writing.ie just how he pulled his together…

“In the rush to get The Eighty-Five Billion Euro Man into the shops last June. I didn’t do some of the things I knew I should do. I didn’t blog about it in advance. I was too busy writing it!

I also didn’t do a book trailer. And I wanted a book trailer. So, with Christmas approaching, I decided to remedy that. The first thing I had to do was delegate – if I tried to make it myself it would be ready sometime in 2014. Happily, my sister Siofra knows what she’s doing with film and audio and powerpoint and all that clever stuff.

The next step was simple: What to put in it?

Some endorsements would be nice. Happily, Miriam O’Callaghan had mentioned it favourably in an interview with Easy Health and Living and Trinity’s Professor Brian Lucey had tweeted praise for it while reading it during the summer. Both kindly agreed to let me quote them.

Then there was the Tuam Herald. They gave it such a positive review it was all I could do not to rush out and buy it myself. That had to go in.

Of course the trailer had to refer to the messers who got the country into a pickle in the first place. And those who were making a hames of sorting it out. They are the gift that keeps on giving to humble satirists like me.

So all it needed then was a bit of music and some pigs. After all, everyone loves pigs!

As a first stab I’m pretty pleased with it. It is, I think, well suited to the mood and tone of the book. So I intend to do a few more. Hopefully, they will help shift a few copies of the book. And I might even be able to do it without help for the next book.  So, here it is

About the author

(c) Donal Conaty, December 2011.

Donal Conaty satirises daily news events in The Mire

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