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Pages Of Stories the fiction magazine, has been renamed Ficta Fabula. The new magazine will contain short fiction stories that will be available in both print and electronic editions.

Founder Darlene Poier says “Fictional stories have inspired many ideas in many creative people and I’ve discovered that publishing literature that will inspire that creativity and imagination is my passion. Ficta Fabula – according to several sources – means Fiction Story in Latin.

I’ve been an avid reader for my entire life and those stories have helped shape who I am. I published Pages Of Stories – the magazine – and l met some fantastic authors, readers and new friends in that 18 months that it was around. After taking some time off, I realized that this was my calling.

We accept all genres of fiction. I’ve published stories of all kinds – but in each case there was enough detail in it to make the story relatable to many different people. We  have a new editor in Laura Crowe, owner of Imagine It In Writing. Ficta Fabula, the magazine will have the same number of stories (14) as the original Pages of Stories and now it will also include illustrations and perhaps even photographs.  We expect this first issue of Ficta Fabula to come out July 20, 2013, and publish quarterly, stories from authors from around the world. Each issue will be different from the last. The deadline for the Summer 2013 edition is April 30, 2013.

For authors wanting to submit to this new magazine, please send an email to for the complete set of requirements, but these are the highlights:
1) Story must be in a publishable state. Although we now have an editor, her time is limited and every minute that I spend editing is one less minute that I can promote the stories.
2) Minimum 1,000 words.
3) Story must be fiction.
4) Compensation consists of $100 (CAD) and a free issue of the magazine.
5) Exclusive copyright to Ficta Fabula for one year after publication as well as the ability to republish
in any format for five years after publication.

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