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Inkspired is a new creative hub for emerging writers, storytellers, and readers to connect and inspire each other.

Basically, it’s a web and mobile platform that allows emerging writers and storytellers to create, publish and read stories s​erially,​ chapter by chapter like a TV series.

This is a platform to help emerging writers/storytellers get published and for people that are passionate about reading online stories from independent authors. The purpose of Inkspired is to help writers publish their work faster and easier. Specifically, the platform benefits them by:

● Validating the writer’s idea from the very beginning with readers

● Allowing them to get direct feedback from readers

● Helping them to find, build up a fan-base, and connect with their audience

Writing small chunks of content and posting them periodically gives writers the flexibility to publish their ideas faster, even without having a completed book or a clear idea of where their story will end up. They can always refine the chapters later, and let their story grow on its own.

Their readers will benefit from this too, as they will be able to access the content in small parts, follow its progress, and read it on their mobile devices anytime when they have 15 minutes or less to spare.

Any person can sign up as a writer and/or a reader. And the best part is that e​verything is free,​they just need to download our iPhone app and create an account, or they can also do it directly on our website:​

“T​he idea for Inkspired came about when I was trying to get my first book published. After years of writing it without any external opinion, the slow process of getting early birds to try it began. Soon, I found out that I needed to improve how my idea was being communicated, and also realized how much work I could have saved if I have done it before with constant feedback during the process of writing.

Even after that initial assessment, and all the corrections done, trying to get a publisher to get it to the market was a difficult task. Is rare that a big publisher house will accept any emerging writer, due to the high risk of investment. I felt that this process was really painful, slow and unfair; as well as expensive in terms of the time and money invested by writers.

Because of all this, I felt the need to provide a solution for all of those new and independent writers out there that, like me, struggle everyday to create and finish a book, and then publish it for the first time without any help at all.​” – Galo A. Vargas, CEO

Inkspired is beautifully designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing everyone to enjoy the best experience of writing and reading online.

How it works:

  • Create an account and login
  • Create a new story with the Dashboard.
  • Start writing the first chapter of your story.
  • Complete the story’s profile, and publish!
  • That’s it! Just download Inkspired’s app in the Apple App Store, start reading your story, and share it with your friends so they can start following, reviewing, and sharing it with more friends.

As a storyteller or emerging writer, you will benefit from evolving your story from an idea to a creation, and start sharing it with the world. All content submitted to the platform belongs 100% to its authors; Inkspired is just a tool to help them.

Inkspired is available worldwide on the web and as an iOS app. The Android app is currently in the development stage and is scheduled to be released by the second quarter of the year on the Google Play Store. Please visit ​for more information.

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