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HeadStuff.org is an online collaboration of all things interesting and creative. The sections on the site are literature, history, science, visual, humour, music and film and it showcases work in all these areas along with reviews, discussion and essays.

At HeadStuff we like our writing to be clear and direct. We like our science articles to be reviewed and cited; we do not like pseudoscience. We like our history articles to be accurate and engaging, our literature to have a strong voice that challenges our expectations and ignites our imaginations. We like the right word to jump off the page at the right time and invention to run amok with either a nod or a middle finger to convention. We like our humour to be funny, hilarious or amusing; it can be topical, political or whimsical, as long as it makes us laugh. We like our art and photography to be visually stunning, or thought-provoking, or both. We like film and music writers or artists to be passionate about their subject and to show us details we never knew about before.

HeadStuff.org is open to submissions in almost any form. If we think it’s good, we’ll publish it on the site.

HeadStuff was set up by Alan Bennett in 2014. Alan Bennett is a fiction writer with an insatiable curiosity for all the subjects on the site. This is why he set it up; it’s like a blog about all of his interests, but it gives other people the opportunity to write it.

To submit to HeadStuff, simply send an email to: emailheadstuff@gmail.com, or go to this page and fill in the contact form: http://www.HeadStuff.org/#!contact/c1n40

Submissions are read as soon as possible. Enquiries, suggestions and ideas for articles can be sent to the email address too, or via twitter.com/ThisHeadStuff or Facebook.com/TheHeadStuff

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